the choice is yours.

update 7/23:  so…it turns out Gregg Braden…does not to do his due diligence with his outsourced vendors.   causing some very unsatisfied customers as a result!  guess he didn’t read 4 Hour Work Week – ha!


I listened to an interview with Gregg Braden yesterday.  genius.  he seems to keep showing up in my energy field.

a.  through Jeannette Maw.  yeah, see addendum above.  

b.  through a hay house email.

and then c.  the recorded interview with him from last week.

his books are now on my TO READ list.  oh…and then after a. b. and c., a new  buddy on FB posts a photo with a quote from Gregg.

love it when things like this happen!

so anyway, he discussed what is going to happen on and after 12/21/12.

something that is all ready happening.

the globe is shifting consciousness.  and accelerates towards the new consciousness every day.

can you feel it?  I can.

after >5K years(!) of global war, ego, strife.  on a massive scale.  financial crisis.  energy crises.  global warming (though that is just the Earth’s natural cycle).

he also talked about the hadron collider.  and the ‘something‘ discovery.  is that God.  or isn’t it?  super cool.  that we are in an age, when… what was once a norm.  has now been refuted – we cannot continue to ignore that science  must consider conscious energy.  kinda like when we thought the earth was flat.

and now, here we are now leaning into a new time.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what is around the corner!

jobs changing.  (there is only so long that employees will do the work of three people – ha!)  small pharma. pre-existing condition qualifiers.  un-genetically modified food.  property sharing.

what used to be normal for our parents and grandparents.  will no longer be the norm for future generations.  a new norm is on the horizon.

hold on tight.  or free fall into it.  the choice is yours!

how cool is that?  scary cool. indeed.


ps.  hands down.  the most risky commercial I have seen in ages.  still love it even two years later!  gotta take big risks for big successes!


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