one year.

it was a year ago today that I woke up with half my body completely dissected from the control of my mind.

crazy.  that was a year ago?!  can’t believe it.  but I can.

so much can happen in a year.  in a day.  in a minute.

still have a few trailing symptoms.  as my neurons attempt to fire as normally as possible.  skidding across areas all ready scarred.

thank God I stopped flaring in March!

most days I forget that I even have MS.  until I have a phantom electric shock.  heat-flash.  buzzing in my legs.  foot cramps – ouch!  extreme fatigue out of the blue. monster migraine.

such is life.  lots of peeps have it way worse than me; I have nothing to complain about!

though the last few weeks my mind has been on edge with 7/29 looming in the distance.  today is almost over, and nothing has happened.

kinda anti-climactic, huh?!  I’ll take it!

the hub and I had a perfect day yesterday.  and today.

from here.  where do I go?

proceed with caution as I forage my way through Myers-Briggs training (love it!).  and EFT training (love it!).

both so full-filling!

that is all I can think about right now, as I just want to go along with the rest of my life.  as normally as possible.

living every day to the fullest.

ps.  thanks for sharing my journey…you peeps have no idea how much all your comments and support has meant to me. keep y’all posted!

4 thoughts on “one year.

  1. I remember it being one year….it was my last night in California. What a year it has been for both of us. Lots of changes, a new learning curve, and exploration. Miss you tons!

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