play date.

I was invited to a sacred play date yesterday by my friend, Lori.

to create something true. from clay.

what fun!!

welcoming women. love that! like-minded ladies. even better!

what a super-cool few hours.

we watched. rolled. molded. watched some more. talked. learned. started over. and above all: became present in the moment.

and then we slammed our pieces on the floor!

at first, we all voiced our opinions about the idea.

whaaaat?? no way! I love what I have created!! I don’t want to destroy something that I have made! I never make anything, why destroy it?!

(all this despite the self-deprecating thoughts that showed up after we first started molding!)

so Lori, stood up. and smashed her perfectly crafted mug.

and I pitched my tri-skele. from my seated position at the table.

it was so small. no one noticed. but I didn’t care. I just loved that I did it!

and then one by one. we all stood up and slammed our pieces on the hardwood floor.

the three pieces I created…a tribute…to what is coming. my book. note: one survived the liberation. 😉

in the end, we were all in awe of creating something even more beautiful and meaning-full.

love, love that!

so cool. and we are going to glaze our smashed pieces in November! awesome.

of course while all this was going on, my brain started calculating.

how can I bring myers-briggs and eft to a play date?

don’t know the details yet, but I will.

umm…just have to finish each course first!

what a fantastic weekend!

now, I must go study.



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