too much?

so here it goes.

turns out. my personality type sees what is unseen.

really the only one out of the bunch.

ok. I take that last sentence back; there are a couple others. 🙂

and my type is also on a the eternal quest for self-discovery.


go figure. who knew?

I was at dinner the other night with one of my best friends and my hub (both of the type that is considered my type’s cousin)…and my BF asked how the MBTI training is going…I replied…it turns out my personality type is just not a good match for Corporate America!

in complete shock, still, as I revealed this discovery!

they both responded immediately and simultaneously, d’uh!

huh. right. yes.

revelation #1.

though I think I have amplified my tertiary function – Thinking. probably overkill on that one.

to be honest.

but at least enough to persevere in the corporate world! yeah!

which is cool.


my type is why I started my blog.

to deconstruct my MS thoughts. and life thoughts.

much to my mother’s chagrin. (this is why she no longer follows me.)

{by the way, this is so not my type to be so candid about others!}

but, this is how I communicate. and how everyone with the same set of preferences prefers to communicate what’s going on, on the inside.

so….everything is making sense to me these days.

way cool, while loving and hating it at the same time.

learning why I am the way I am.

after a life time of so many people telling me who and what I am.

why am I not more _____? or more like _____?

not new for any one of us, huh!?

many have classified me as…

a weirdo.

too sensitive. (oh boy, have I gotten my share of that one!)

too selfish.

too quiet.

too serious.

and too aloof. (sidebar>;>;>;I loved it when someone told me they thought I was a total snob until they talked to me! me…in shock! me: you don’t really know me do you?)

too much wanting to have fun. always in the wrong locations. British sense of humour. 😉

and just way too diplomatic.

(oh, if only I had unbridled my candor on that one!)

too caring.

too positive.

wanting to make a difference too much. for things that don’t count to other peeps.


and too interested in helping success meet up with others.

and scan too much on different things. many different things. to see what fits. (really. I have been back in school trying different things since 2002!)

until I find the perfect fit.

after all my recent studies of different personality types…oh my goodness, do I wish I was more of E and more of S and more of T and more of P…(mostly more S and P!)…

but I’m not.

I am who I am.

and that’s okay too.



6 thoughts on “too much?

  1. Yes — I agree with Lori. Perfect. It’s funny to me how reading your description of your type I keep thinking “so so cool” even as you’re saying how it has been seen by you or others as “too this or that.”
    “Eternal quest for self discovery?” How can it get better??

    • mostly by others…well all the negatives and even some of the positives have been turned into a negative!! all good information it turns out. 🙂
      …I love that I have been handed that eternal discovery card. you have one too. 🙂 I woudn’t have it any other way. though would like for something to stick. take that back… a few items have stuck. 🙂 xo

  2. You know, if you remove the word “too” from your descriptions (who put that there anyway?!) it reads completely differently. And if the things you care about don’t count for “other peeps” you should just be sticking with different peeps 🙂 It all sounds wonderful and interesting to me. If we were each more of the things we wanted to be we’d be a much less interesting group! Like you say, it’s definitely ok! xo

    • Deb, love…thanks for your comment…which is most intriguing! I love the thought provocation. 🙂
      so…when it comes to the positive things…the removal of ‘too’ works… 😉 but then again I have to ask myself…the negatives…are they really negative? depends on the viewpoint I suppose…or from whom is delivering the opinion!
      …please do say more about your comment…”if we were each more of the things we wanted to be we’d be a much less interesting group!”…I have all ready assigned several different interpretations for this. and now my marmoset is doing cartwheels and wants to know more!! please do say more in PS! xo 😉

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