brain mri #3.

so I met with my neuro today to review my latest brain MRI results.

Tim and I were both eager to hear the doc say, “Oh my goodness, I have never seen this happen in my entire experience – your brain is back to normal!! it’s a miracle!!”

not quite.

but, he had to read the results two times over to make sure he was correct in his interpretation (which if you read the report yourself, it is a bit clubby.)

“compared to the previous study from 2011 demonstrates that overall these lesions are definitely smaller. conspicuity is reduced as well the overall size.” (grammar and conspicuous errors intentional. 😉

we then scanned through the images on his desktop, and he commented that some of the lesions have disappeared!! like magic.

even my dawson’s fingers are shrinking which I saw immediately when they flashed by. there is a lot more space between them and they are much shorter(!)…when last year they were fingering the top of my skull!

all I can say is, brilliant. this is fan-flippin-tastic news… still MS. (kinda sh*tty, but things could be worse!)

though when we left, I couldn’t help but extravert my feeling function (i.e., I dropped a few tears) saying goodbye to my hub in the parking lot. followed by a long hug and lots of kisses.

we have had a period of un-fantastic news over the last year…so this is such good news, given the unfortunate diagnosis last year heading up the list of things that have gone wrong…

what a ray of light after a very bleak year.

so my vigor is renewed to continue keeping up my dietary changes. and add in the following: eat fewer foods out of a box. which means I have to start cooking again. or at least eat more fruit and vegetables. huh? note to self – those things make me feel good.

first thing I made at home tonight: a green smoothie. after dropping off the green smoothies since being back at work. this was my first GS in…six months?! unbelievable!

and, I rode the bike for 20 minutes tonight – which is 20 minutes more than I have cycled over the last three weeks. oh wait, we did ride off-road a couple weeks ago. nerve-y.

in a nutshell, taking my daily meds, laughing a lot, writing my morning pages, expressing tons of gratitude, getting enough sleep most nights, taking daily vitamins, and keeping the stress at bay…all helping!! one more note to self: need to figure out how to get back to yoga!

plus my need to learn and write. just like I need oxygen. but that was already a need before MS even showed up. just seems to have intensified since MS joined the party.

…fyi…contemplated my crazy call of the mild kids this morning…they discussed Jillie’s first MRI before MS showed up with a bullish brigade…

huh. if I could just create, read, and career counsel/coach all day long…hmmm…what would that life look like? pretty cool in my opinion.

on that note, what does your ideal day look like?? I would so love to hear!!

(just occurred to me that I should set up a MeditationS email address! you know…for privacy purposes!)


ps. reading The Four-Day Win by Martha Beck – brilliant. mostly aimed at weight loss…but can be applied to so many ventures…!!


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