thank you!

one year ago on 10/9/11, my blog became a reality.

it has become part of my every day life.

I write scenes and blogs in my head every day…I can’t stop.  and now I finally have an outlet!  yeah!

I don’t know what or who I would be without it on this MS journey.  this life journey.

through the MS trials months 0-5.

the successes.

and tragedies.


what a year it’s been!  probably a year with the most ups and downs I have experienced in my life.

highs followed by deep, deep lows.  and then zeros.  and then all the way to +8.  (I know +10 is out there!)

so I keep writing.  and I will not stop; I have discovered that writing is in my INFJ blood.

despite the numerous, whaaaat the heck am/was I thinking(?), how much I hated every blog post (that has become easier after about 80 posts), all the typos, and the in-congruent thoughts…I love(d) every second of it!

so this really has become a daily meditation for me.  I write every day.  obviously, not just here.  but in my morning pages (every day!). and my books that I’m crafting slowly.

so this one is for you!

thank YOU so much for coming along for the ride!!

turns out, I like to travel with company.  🙂

94 published posts.  95 after this one.  four unpublished, that are still pulsing in draft format.  plus… inspiration every day.

all the while, letting go of the attachment to the outcome.  getting much better with that one.  😉

so thank YOU!!  you, that awesome person staring at a desktop monitor reading this.  right now.

I am genuinely so grateful for your presence!!

my goal was to complete 100 posts by one year.  I’m technically one off after this is posted, if one wants to include my four draft posts from months 0-5.

I will see if inspiration strikes tomorrow.  😉

or what Annie and Jillie are up to in their world.  oooh…I can’t wait to find out!

speaking of them.  one of the best verbal compliments I could have received on my blog, was from my Dad after he read Fiction #2…”I wanted to read more!  and let me guess, there was a little faction in there?”


love that word.  faction.  should be a literary genre.  maybe it is?  that is one thing I have not researched yet.

loved it!!  thank you, Dad!!

and thank YOU to everyone else who has commented on my blog!

more to come…watch out, people!

love and hugs to each and every one of you out there…for those who are known and unknown.


ps.  can’t wait to discuss how I cope with the fact that my FULL name is on display on my company logo’d MSRide jersey.  ummm…yeah…not sure how that happened.  but it did.  I’m riding the 30 mile route in two weeks.  eeek.  really not ready for this one.  unlike I was in 2010 when I knew then that I had MS before it showed up with a fury in 2011.

nonetheless, almost everything happens for a reason.



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