100 posts.

it occurred to me today.

that I have likely plastered at least 50K words on the page for this blog.  but who’s counting?

sidebar>>>my Myers-Briggs Judging preference counts.  but my iNtuition preference does not focus on logical (ha!) specifics…other than to look forward for future possibilities.  as I said to a client last night…(for example purposes only) my N and my J are constantly at odds.  but…wait a second…couldn’t they just as easily work together…okay>>>that just occurred to me at this very moment!

50K words in one year.


and I chastise myself for not having the time to work on my novel.  other than spurts here and there.

might need to revisit this.  see old coyote post (I think…?)

will sit on this newfound info.  when I’m not shoving more info in to my brain.  inside and outside of work. and of course…I just signed up for another class!  this one is a shorty though.

to close…Cold Play…

and…one of my favorite quotes…

love the life you live.

live the life you love.

~unknown (other than it’s on my key chain 😉



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