the earth moved just a little today.

I spoke to someone today who has a family member with MS.

she got the MS in her late 20s.  she’s 46 now.

we both agreed that MS seems to be everywhere these days.

but perhaps that is just a matter of perspective.

this woman was just a few years younger than I was when the first symptom showed up.

for her, it has progressed.

she’s been in a wheel chair for the last six years.

after a good eight+ years of feeling good and strong.


she is in a really bad place now.

and could possibly pass sooner rather than later.

that smacked me upside the head.

and my heart broke.


that could be me in eight years.

for the first time I did not cry when faced with that reality.

instead, my eyes welled for this woman I have never met.  lying in the hospital on a ventilator.

really she could be any one of us trolling through this time-space-reality.

my own mortality feels so real close to me after last year.   even more so after my cousin passed.

I can feel the impermanence of physical life.

despite having an intense fear of being murdered in my sleep when I was ten years old …I know this is different.

thank God, I found God.

I have been so grateful to God every day for all that my hub and I have in our life…and beyond to our friends and family.  coworkers.  doctors.  healers.

I pray that God brings peace to this woman.  whatever that looks like for her.  only she knows.

geesh.  that just spilled out of me.  must have been burrowed in there still!

sorry for the buzz-kill people!

I have been realizing more often lately that I want to provide more support for the MS community.

now that I have made peace with my MS, I know that there is more I can give and do to help others.

so I will.

through a kind ear.  mentoring for newly diagnosed.  life coaching.  raising MS awareness.  career strategy counseling.  EFT.  dream analysis.  mind-make0vers.  😉

some way, some how I’m going to make this happen.  huh.  not going to worry about the when.  or the how. I know it’s in there waiting to bubble over!


ps.  new email: .


4 thoughts on “the earth moved just a little today.

  1. HI Erin
    Love this. Look how strong you have become. I think you truly get that what this woman is facing is not what YOU are facing. And I don’t believe it is. At the same time, we are all careening through this reality with no real control. MS and cancer and car accidents, and who knows when and why? Don’t be afraid to be optimistic. That’s as real as the rest. xx

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