blogomania etc.

why am I sitting here bouncing back and forth between all my open Safari tabs?

it’s Halloween.

and really not that exciting! we never get trick-or-treaters. 😦

or neighborhood parents trick-or-treating for adult treats – i.e., shots! 😉

but what did show up>;>;>; my new biz cards…whaaaat??!!

can’t get too excited. I am. and then I settle down. nonchalant. eh. who me. in business for myself. that’s right.

uh huh. when have I ever been nonchalant? never.

so turns out this week has been tiring.

I’m tired. both the hub and I are tired.

for him checking out bike trails online relaxes.

and for me bouncing around online relaxes.

and then stresses.

because I’m not doing.

need to reread Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet…the art of doing nothing is a hard one to master.

awesome book btw if you haven’t read it! if you like self-help type books. 😉

too much rolling through my brain of late.

top billing in the brain wiring: my new biz is official!

mind body gallery is now open!

BUT, still have a bunch of things to do in order to drop the cherry on top. but I’m not doing anything yet. i.e., first priority = building out my website. WordPress has not been my friend lately. so taking a break.


maybe I’m doing nothing in the wrong area.

my bouncing around is my anxiety-driven doing nothing. because I’m doing something while doing nothing.

had a major reset last night after talking through my Monday malaise. ’twas more than it just being a Monday.

a. it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today. and I won’t get to talk to her.

b. I am not currently enrolled in any sort of class. or training program. or anything. other than a hypnosis seminar on Saturday afternoon. handwriting analysis included. can’t wait to see what he thinks of my MS induced sloppy handwriting!

the hub and I are going out later tonight to toast to THE MRS. GRIFF.

geesh, I miss her! just spooled through my sister-in-law’s FB snaps (during my evening bouncing, and then Maura showed up).

ouch. that hit a nerve.

with her gone…my only peace is that I know she is at peace.

as a result…today I knew I needed to do something. (I don’t have any more MBTI assessments scheduled until next week.)

so I decided I would challenge myself to post 50 blog posts in the month of November.

rather than doing a novel in a month – I’ll cram 50 blogs into a month. that sounds much less stressful than 50K words. check it – millions of people do this every November! that one is on my bucket-list fo’shizzle!

heads up>;>;>;November won’t be pretty for my posts. I suspect they will be more cavalier. messy. definitely typos galore. and maybe even some fiction!

can’t wait to see what spills out!

what are you going to do in November?!



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