50/50. what is mind body gallery?

this is it!  50/50.  fifty blog posts in 30 days.  wwhooeee!!!  so proud I actually did it.  and didn’t give up!

so here you go…

you may be wondering, what is up with the mbg or mindbodygallery.com? 

I bought the domain name, mindbodygallery.com, in 2010 when I decided to make over my life…along with jennifernightingale.com (for the six word memoirs that I loved to write back then. I have pages of them!)  can’t recall if I still own the latter.  huh.  or ha!

anyway, mind body gallery is the name of my new small business!

now open!

when I told my Grandma about it on Thanksgiving, her eyes twinkled, and she sat up in her chair, tell me how this happened?, she wanted to know.  so cool.  🙂

so what is it?

beginning with a Myers-Briggs personality assessment, I help people going through a career transition/crisis identify what it is they are passionate about, make peace as they go through the transition (or crisis!), and provide positive support as new opportunities are brainstormed, explored, and mapped out!

the back of my business card, reads, discover what you were born to do

operations still evolving.  yes.  and I’ll throw in some life coaching here and there.  😉

but mbg is OPEN for business!

for me, mind body gallery represents a gentle collision of the mind, physical form, and a gallery of inspired creativity and play/work that emerges from the mind-body.

does that make any sense whatsoever?

if not, that’s cool.

knowing what I know now about my Myers-Briggs Personality Type, I totally get that it can be hard for others to read between the lines of what I’m trying to say.  there is a lot going on in my brain that doesn’t get outside often.  hehe.

the hub has gotten quite used to it.  and even enjoys it.  thank God!

website changes a-coming in December/January!  can’t wait!!  stay tuned!



breakthroughs are a-coming. MS, watch out!!

this is not my 50th post, though I guess this is the 50th post this month…maybe it can take the place of the post that I wrote, but never posted?  😉

got so excited reading this, I just have to share…such cool news on the MS front!!

any of you MS peeps out there,  please, please read this article!!

quick intro…

The results suggest that the critical step happens when fibrinogen, a blood-clotting protein, leaks into the central nervous system and activates immune cells called microglia…

keep reading here…

new discovery!!

there will be a CURE in my life-time!  I believe it!!!

ps.  I use upstream and downstream differently than this author…but if this discovery can attack MS upstream, I’ll take it!


49/50: new things.

for the upcoming weekend, I have been invited to watch Meiko perform on Sunday night.

she’s doing a benefit performance for people affected by hurricane sandy!  love a give back.  🙂

just listened to her song Stuck On You…she’s cute, creative, and funny?  TBD.  she played with two meat balls and then winked at the camera…I think maybe…  😉

her name reminded me of my friend’s mom…who sadly passed in 2006 … ❤

too soon.  she was a tough kind woman.  I know her daughter misses her.  name spelled slightly differently, but I wrote Mieko (my friend’s mom’s name), even while looking @ Meiko‘s name.

my brain likes to cross things over.  sometimes I’m okay with that…;-)

Meiko’s playing at a small snap of a club in LA.  no idea where.

even if I did, I still wouldn’t know where it is.

so excited. and unexpected!

and what’s unexpected is that I want to go!

my usual MO, thrown out the window.  (I guess I must be rambling in slips, because I just wrote MS.)


something new.  eeks.  what’s that?  I need to sit on it for a bit and roll it around.  d’ya mind waiting?

no time to do that today.

I’m going.

what are you crazy people doing this weekend?!

after tomorrow night, this is it for me on my monthly challenge!   sorry, if I’m preening a little, but I AM!!!

love you people!!

one more request.  I dare you to do something unexpected tomorrow….and I don’t mean 50 Shades unexpected… 😉


ps.  I caught the blogging bug.  love it.  love it.  🙂

48/50: what the watcher knows.

appreciate the input from my semi-self-flagellation last night! love right back at ya!!

real quick post tonight before I am off to play with a needle and read chap. 10 of the artist’s way. if you haven’t read the AW…read it!! esp. if you’re running into some blocks with a creative project.

speaking of needles (real quick, I promise)…a second syringe in the history of injecting myself succumbed last night. it sprayed all over the bathroom floor. instead of into my hip. brill. that was a $143 casualty.

so today I took on the role of the watcher while at my 7:20-5er..to compassionately watch myself whenever I had the urge to merge with some Hershey kisses and gf crackers.

found myself reaching for the crackers. when my blood sugar dropped. nothing new here. it’s the mid-morning, pre-lunch, all-afternoon snacking that really chaps me.

and then taking a look at all the other moments, I found myself reaching over and over again.

when I was bored.

wait a second.


maybe that’s it…

maybe boredom @ work is getting to me?!


okay – that just hit me smack on the nose.

and it’s not that I’m sitting around doing nothing while at work.

the things I’m doing are boring.

because I have done them so many times. over and over again.

this is the longest I have been in the same job. it’s a good job, don’t get me wrong.

but I could do dream of doing so much more!

there hasn’t been a layoff for three years. so things have settled down somewhat after the last six.

there is a placiddull-ness that has descended upon the office.

hence my incessant eating…I eat to keep my brain functioning on some level…a base level, perhaps.

it’s the stuff I do before and after hours that really inspires me.

how can I infuse that inspiration into my working hours?

or maybe there is a larger question looming.


two more posts to go!! feeling exceptionally eager to post #50.

love to my hub, for putting up with me this month.

poor guy has been neglected. but he has been forewarned….2013 NaNoWriMo is on the list.


47/50: men better at pointing out blind-spots?

just read him #46.

his reply,

really, your cousin just died in October.  

we just celebrated endured two one year anniversaries…

your diagnosis.

my mom passing.

you’re stressed about work.

with all that, you’re fighting the urge to smoke.  

and you wonder why you can’t stop eating in the office?  really not that hard to figure out.


spot on, baby.


46/50: weight a second?

dear Universe,

so while driving home tonight, I was thinking about how I’m gaining weight.  and how I feel about that.

maybe you can help me out here!

not sure I like it, but I like how much more healthy I’m looking and feeling these days.

there’s that unfortunately/fortunately dichotomy again.

I lost ten pounds post-diagnosis.  stressed about an auto-immune disorder and eating did NOT work for me.  I know that weight has been returned to my body.  plus.

trying not to think about the WG too much.  as you know what that does.  I know you know that I know.  but sometimes I forget.  😉

must be why I have stopped reading, The Four Day Win.

because I’m cool with gaining some weight, right?

uh huh.  no, no.

don’t need to acknowledge I have been eating everything in sight.

all day long while at work.

embarrassed that every time my new boss walks into my office, I’m eating.  he’s gonna have to say something one of these days.

and never-mind the hershey kisses.  I can’t stop buying bags of them, for my work peeps, of course.  uh huh.  esp. those white chocolate peppermint kisses of loveliness.

a box of crackers.  no problem.  a day max, it takes me to eat.  the whole box.  they’re gluten-free though!

I won’t even step on the scale.  I just don’t want to know.

not to mention, I have also stepped off the bike since the MSRide.  even the stationary bike has been stagnant.

and of course, while blogging daily…multiple times/day, there is just not enough time in the day….to do everything my mind and body want to do….so some things just HAVE to slip.

uh huh.  right.


maybe I’ll try the not worrying about my weight part of this equation and see what happens.  by focusing on gaining/not gaining weight, I’ll gain weight.  it’s standard LOA stuff.  I know this.

but now, I’m a bit muddled up…I don’t want to send mixed messages!  so what should I be thinking about?? help!  I know, I know, you’ll probably want me to explore the WHY of all this.  and is it TRUE that I’m gaining weight?

maybe I’ll just focus on feeling good right now in my body, because it sure has been feeling good lately.

please help.




45/50: bit too much off, eh??

yes, yes. I concur.

what was I thinking?

getting behind early on didNOT help.

so I had to slam in a bunch of posts this weekend.

and depress myself…as I watch my page views begin to dwindle.

good job having zero attachment to outcome. (insert sarcasm here.)

but I vow (to myself) to finish up my 50 posts in 30 days.

after two posts tonight…only one per night for the remainder of the week.

wow, that’s it? how did that happen?! when did that happen!?


now I remember why I’m doing this…the process.

note to self: this process is a fantastic work and MS stress-reliever. keep doing it.


44/50: inferior sensing function. non-deployment.

so the hub and I concluded tonight that we over-used our dominant Myers-Briggs function, Intuition, when putting up our three Xmas trees this weekend.

mind you, two of the trees are 24 inches tall. and the other one has been up all year. it’s a palm tree.

while deciding where we would place the trees and what lights would go on each tree….strongly visualizing the final product of cute trees ensconcing our living room….we opted not to deploy our inferior (i.e., under-developed) Sensing function.

the hub is one letter off from me with our four letter personality types. we’re kinda like distant cousins in the Myers-Briggs personality world.

his auxiliary function is the opposite of mine. which means his Thinking is my tertiary function…and my Feeling is his tertiary function. other than that, we are like two peas in a pod. ha! we both need to work on our Sensing. as that inferior function is the same for both of us.

I love that I now have official sounding language to describe our behavior.

in standard English:

we used three extension cords, when we only required one for all three trees.

silly us!


43/50: Western Rock Medical Center.

thanks everyone for following along!  you have no idea how your Likes and Follows make me smile and warm my heart!!  so thank you!  here is the last post of the weekend.  in the homestretch now.  seven posts to go, less one (already drafted).  whooeee…what fun this experiment has been!!


“You’ll like him, he’s got a proper job.”  Jillie replied.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I said, instantly annoyed that she would throw that back in my face.

“Kidding, honey, kidding.  You need to stop taking everything I say so seriously,” she chided me.

“Right, right.  I would if I didn’t think that there’s an ounce of truth in everything you say to me, you know that, so go easy on me, will ya?”  I shot her a half a smile.  “How old is he?  He better not be in his 50s like that last guy.”

“He’s hot and cool.  I just hope he takes my insurance,”

“I hope so too.  You didn’t answer my question.”

“I don’t know, he’s a guy and he’s cute, why are you so hung up on age?”

“Because if he’s too old, that means he’s had more years to strap on the baggage.”

“Or more years to work through the crap.”

“Fine, where do I turn in?” I snapped as we approach the medical building, unclear why I am so on edge today.

I pull into the Western Rock Medical Center parking lot, bottoming out as the front end of the Civic scrapes against the driveway.

“Sorry about that,” I say.

“No worries, it’s not like I haven’t done that.  This car likes to find pavement.”

I park the car about a half mile from the entrance in the only available parking spot, and shudder before we get out of the car.  I hate hospitals.  Ever since my Grandma was reconciled to spend the last six weeks of her life in an antiseptic hospital room.  She would cry and gasp in the middle of my visits, reaching out to only what she could see in her mind.  I asked the nurses if she did this frequently.  The gentle Filipono nurse would only shake her head, no.  “Only for you, Ni,” she would say.  I would clasp Grandma’s cold, veiny hands in mine, and let her know she was getting closer, just keep climbing, God is waiting for you, I would whisper.  I would have done anything to expedite her transition.  She passed alone in her room one Friday morning.  Friday was her favorite day of the week.  I guess it’s true what they say, one enters and leaves this life alone.  I shook off my goosebumps, and returned to the present.

“You back, Annie,” asked Jillie, as she tipped her head to the right like she always did when she was trying to work things out.

“Uh huh, I just hate hospitals,” I said.

“I love ‘em, free food, constant care, and when you have your own room, all the TV you want to watch, and sponge baths by the hot male nurses,” she replied grabbing my arm and started to skip towards to the automatic door to to the waiting room, under the looming sign, Western Rock Medical Center, a Nice Place to Be.  I force myself to skip along with her, but I can’t shake this black cloud that rolled in after we left her place.


struggled a bit with this piece.  wanted it to be fun, but it just wasn’t coming out that way.  maybe I was in a bad-ish mood this morning while working on this, which rubbed off on Annie!  not much is going on either.  other than Annie knows something is afoot with Jillie.  not a fun piece to write for several reasons.


42/50. gratuitous post. long holiday weekend productivity.

today (Sunday) has been quite a productive day.

four blog posts – five today?  excellent!

holiday photo cards ordered!  I love, love how convenient the photo cards are!  selected a photo of the puppers.  JOY.  is the message.

six Xmas presents purchased for my soul-sisters.  plus a couple of birthday presents in there too!  three for some of the kiddos in our life.

dishes cleaned.  oops.  still need to empy the d/w!  (done now.)

two batches of brownies baked and delivered to friends and downstairs neighbors.

fabulous dinner with friends Friday night!  brill.  so much fun!

finished The Vintage Affair.  good read.  (now, reading Forever, which I had only sneaked peaks @ the library in 7th grade – as it was banned from reading in my house!  decided that Forever was for the 70s and 80s what Fifty Shades is for current day – ha!)

fiction scenes drafted.

laundry.  done.  pending folding.  still.  I laughed out loud today when I saw a FB friend post that no matter how gentle she is, her laundry never folds itself.

still to do:

draft website design.  (at the conceptual stage in my mind.)

target.  (done!)

empty d/w.

fascinating, eh?  😉

what have you accomplished on this holiday weekend?


ps.  if you’re thinking this is a gratuitous post for my 50 post challenge.  well, you’re right.  🙂  fiction coming up next.