50 posts in 30 days: 1/50, insurance blues and gratitude, word count 300

the hub and I sat down tonight to pour through his company health insurance plan options.

it’s open enrollment time for both our companies.

stresses me out.

how lucky are we??  I have insurance.  he has insurance.  we all have insurance.

and now we are considering dropping mine.

which plan do we choose?  what if we don’t choose wisely?  and how frustrating will it be to switch my speciality prescription over to his plan?  probably very.

whatever.  I can deal with that.

this is what really weighs my brain down when I start looking at everything I receive through my insurance:  what do MS peeps do when they don’t have insurance???  I know one answer, they call the MS Society.

but it still torques my brain how good and how messed up our country is when it comes to the good of the people.

Copaxone is $48,000/year.

I currently pay $240/year.  supplies are free.

a brain MRI in the OC costs $3300.  just for the brain.

I coughed up $330 for mine.

$1500 for bits and pieces of the spine.

forget about infusions and hospital stays.   luckily have avoided both.

doctor visit after doctor visit.

prism lenses and eye patches.


acupuncture.  still haven’t tried that yet.

nutrition analysis.  coming up next!

and the MonSter blood work to rule everything else out.  until something else shows up.

turns out MS is one flippin’ expensive disease.

I want to help.  but then don’t know what to do.  or how I can make a difference.  what can I do???

Gandhi said to be the change I want to see in the world.

need some time to meditate.

and figure out what Jillie, my fiction MS traveler, is going to do when her health insurance gets dropped.

that may point me in the right direction…



2 thoughts on “50 posts in 30 days: 1/50, insurance blues and gratitude, word count 300

  1. Ooh, acupuncture! Do it! It’s awesome. I started doing acupuncture years ago when I had major back spasms and was finding no relief from the pain through anything else. I continued to do acupuncture for the incredible stress relief and balancing it provided. Now I’m doing it again to get my hormones rebalanced. I love it! It’s amazing and feels good.

    • okay…you sold me… 😉 sometimes I feel like an acupuncture needle test subject…so that has stopped me from moving forward with giving it a go! but, okay, I’ll try it once. 😉

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