50 posts in 30 days: 2/50, a year ago today…word count = 245

a year ago today, we lost a sweet, fire-y, red-headed angel…my mother-in-law.

as my niece posted on FB this morning, I can’t believe it’s been a year.

time seems to be on fast-forward.  sure does.

I know that you have found peace in the everlasting warm cocoon of heaven.

there are so many memories of you that I will never forget.

the first time I met you.  and how nervous I was.

how you welcomed me into your family.

you wanted to hear all about growing up in England! which was quickly followed jars of Branston Pickle!

your first visit to California before we got married!  our trip to San Juan Capistrano mission.

the time I was reading “Good in Bed” by Jennifer Wiener in your living room when Tim and I were visiting, and you wanted to know what I was reading!  I was so embarrassed!

dinners at Haran’s.  and Tom’s.  Deedee’s.  Geralyn’s.  bringing you french fries from Johnnie’s.  how you always picked at a hot dog. and then when you generously dragged Johnnie’s Italian beef to California for our wedding weekend!

our wedding.  and how you stood up for us.

your sweet prayers for me when my left eye conked out.

spending Christmas with you.

the two furry scarves you made me!

how much you loved the bracelet I made for you.

I sure miss going back to Chicago.  just to see you.

love you Maura!



2 thoughts on “50 posts in 30 days: 2/50, a year ago today…word count = 245

  1. That’s a wonderful post Erin. I didn’t even know her and I like her. Your writing really brings your moments to my reality…. I’m sorry for both of you… The missing seems bittersweet.

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