3/50: the agreement.

“I’m from England, remember? I don’t understand football.” I say with my most proper English accent.

“Whatever, it’s easy,” says Jillian.

“Besides, I’ll teach you. You have to apply for this job, Annie – you’d be perfect at it.  Not to mention all those football players…yummy…”

She sloshes some more wine into my glass that is teetering dangerously on the back of the couch.  I grab the glass and take a long swig, imagining myself as the new PR director for the Raiders.  I have visions of turning into Cameron Diaz in whatever football movie she was in.

“Ok, fine.  I’ll post for it.  I actually can’t believe that such a great job would be posted to the entire world of job seekers.  Seems like more of a higher end job.  Whatever, I’ll do it…if anything just for a laugh.”  I lean into the fantasy.

Jillie and I had yet again another tough day at Yogo; we both work for the same d*ck manager who seems to only be alive to make our lives h*ll at work.  Sexual harassment training missed the bullseye with Grant.  We’re at my house and after a bottle of wine we decide that we will find jobs for each other.  She’ll find one she thinks I’ll be good at, and I have to apply – we shook on it.  And vice versa of course.  We’re starting with me.

“Are you sure,” I ask one last time before pressing the pulsing Submit Resume button.

“Yes, I’m sure. You’ll be great.  Plus when you get it, we can go to all the games, and you’ll pick up football asclap.”

I laugh at her slur.  One more gulp of wine and off my resume goes to the HR Director for the Raiders.

It crosses my fuzzy mind that I don’t even know where the Raiders play.


as is.  a work in progress is part of the process.  xo



6 thoughts on “3/50: the agreement.

  1. Your prose is well written – not too description heavy and it illustrates the characters well. I just wanted to ask, as I am from England, whether the first character is in fact English or just pretending to be? Either way, we wouldn’t say “football” as, to us, football is a very different game and we’re not too fond of your version. We would say “american football” instead. If she’s pretending, this may give the piece more of a sarcastic frame, too. Especially if you pop “American” in brackets. The English accent may be self explanatory then, too. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comments! I like the idea of popping American into her false English exclamation! She is quite the mixture of American and English… 🙂

      • Ah bit of both on each side? You’re welcome to ask me/get input from me about the English side if you wish 🙂 Thanks for the follow, too.

      • bit of a struggle in life this one has! (well they both do…like everyone 🙂 thanks for the offer! no problem… 🙂

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