4/50…eeek! this is hard.

kinda like 30 miles hard!

I’m behind already, and I just started!

weekend was a bit rough around the edges, until I watched a video from the AMAZING Gia Duke.

(more on the rough around the edges later.)

sidebar>>>Gia was in my Martha Beck Life Coach training class last year.  she rocks her life.  when I asked a mutual LCT buddy if he had worked with Gia…he replied…”yeah, I just really love her energy.”

check out the video that reset me this weekend!  thanks ms. Gia!!

really made me think.

in the event you can’t watch the video…spoiler alert follows!!

she asks, “what is your no matter what?”


think about it!  I dare ya!

I would love to know what your no matter what is!

what is a must do/be in your life, is the way I phrased it for my hub.

tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.  😉



2 thoughts on “4/50…eeek! this is hard.

    • glad that made you giddy! 🙂 my NO MATTER WHAT…I have many, but the one that popped immediately to mind – I must write every day – no matter what. 🙂 xo

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