5/50: monkey brain.

okay, figured I needed to try to grab ya with the title.

did it work?

running out of blogging steam it seems!

the inspiration is not hitting me like it usually does.

on and off work stress likes to interrupt.  working on what I can control.  and turns out, I’m the only thing I can control.  so looking forward to a week vacation next month with the hub!  can’t believe the holidays are here.  maybe we’ll put more ornaments on our palm tree this year.  we’ll see.

back to writing!

I have some writer friends who are doing the novel in a month challenge…one just knocked out 11K words in four days??  wowzer!!

geesh, I have 28K words in my memoir that I haven’t picked up since 2010.  and almost 9K in my novel.  which I haven’t touched other than adding three words this morning.  huh.

I just need more time.  is what I keep hearing.  time to hang out in my right brain.  it’s so much more fun in there!

just started the Deepak Chopra 21-day meditation challenge.  tonight was night one.  clearly need to go back to yoga, as my monkey brain was doing the polka in my head.

breathed in. breathed out.  and then the magic started.


and then slowly became stronger.

after a glimmer of diamonds appeared out of nowhere I quickly ran into a pretty good visualization from early MS days.  how sad and broken I was.  when I had asked for God to show up.  and give me a sign he heard me.  a tree literally rustled in front of me.  still gives me goosebumps.  I was right back there again tonight.  so I gave that version of me a hug.  which felt good.

though not really 100% in line with the clearing-all-thoughts-from-the-mind part of meditation.

def need to go back to yoga is what I concluded.

that’s all I got tonight peeps!  I have to double up soon if I’m gonna hit my 50 blog challenge.


ps.  I may have a new MBTI client!  how exciting is that?  um.  very.  so exciting I need to go do some nothing.  😉


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