6/50: how many titles have election or voting?

okay, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

but this daily blog challenge is changing me.

or maybe it’s because Mercury is in retrograde.  turns out.  I hope nothing goes wrong with the counting tonight.  ha!

but I have been much more sleepy than usual since I embarked.  (fyi…I don’t sleep well.)

so this will be a short one…

today, I voted.

I was a rep’ing the undecided category today.

read an article on CNN about a woman who abandoned corp america to open up her own business.  huh.  she was undecided.  but decided to leave and become a Reiki practitioner.  cool.

the expression – the better of two evils – really, doesn’t seem to fit when we’re talking about a leader in the free world? what’s up with the evil?

though, this morning, I decided that I would regret it if I didn’t vote.  and sat on that thought all morning.

so when jetting home to take the pup out for her lunch time wee, I looked up as soon as I got on the freeway…and above me on a light-post…was an eagle.  really??  I kid you not.  could not have been any more clear.

so I voted!  and how empowering did that feel??

it was so cool actually.  the voting station was at a local elementary school.  a line of kiddies rolled by me.  a couple of them stopped to sneak a peek in the voting room.  they were oohing and ahhing.  one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time!!

I hope you voted too.  😉

now off to meditate.  and do some mbg work!!  hopefully.  😉



2 thoughts on “6/50: how many titles have election or voting?

  1. Your 50 posts is reminding me of 200 mugs. When I thought of the lot, I freaked. When I arrived in the moment to just play with the one, I thrived. Maybe you have a bowl of 50 pennies and with every post, one is thrown into a wishing pond somewhere (you create it). Maybe you plant it. Maybe you leave it on the sidewalk for someone to discover. In any case, you’ve stopped counting and returned to the moment of extreme joy, your writing. xo

    • thanks Lori, for reminding me. 🙂
      I love the thought of leaving a penny for someone to discover…I do the same thing @ work – leave a quarter by the soda and coffee machines…always gone the next day. 🙂 there is something special about pennies…xox

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