9/50: blast and Martha Beck.

sooo disappointed!!

my hub’s flight is delayed out of Dallas tonight. 😦

big boo!

this is really going to add to his dislike of flying!

he said, ‘pour a glass of wine, and I’ll be home soon.’

so that’s what I’m doing. I have three hours in front of me.

been a long week without the hub around. I know it’s been a long week for him too. he seems to actually love me. awesome.

so it’s just been the girls and me.

the puppers and I enjoyed a walk in the soft rain yesterday. beautiful. I let the light rain just fall on us. it was so peaceful. and good prep for my MBTI session last night!

turns out the pup has been in a foul mood since her daddy has been gone. every night when we get home from our walk she eagerly bounds to the back. looking for her him. she’s so cute!

I should be straightening up. but I think I may take a nap instead…or read.


when I got home tonight, I looked in the mirror tonight after an arduous work day. with zero breaks. no outside air. frozen lunch. and disappointing news.

aged is what I saw looking back. really? when did those smile cracks happen?

hey, at least that means I’ve been smiling!

ms has really taken a toll on me physically. I saw that for the first time tonight. well outside of the leopard spots and knots from my daily injections.

feel like hibernating after putting on my E all week at work.

while playing in my dreams at night.

a book to write. sessions to schedule. books to read. emails to catch. something new to learn.

it’s hard work.

doing everything.

that is what Ms. Martha Beck coached me about…a year and a half ago.

wow. it was that long ago?

hadn’t thought of that event for some time. happy event too, that I have let go!

life changing. that woman is amazing. brilliant.

and what do I do when I meet her in person a month later?

the only thing I can say is how much her coaching in April 2011 changed me. ooh…and look at the post-it highlighter tabs that I bought after I heard Oprah recommend them on one of her shows. as I nervously finger them before she grabs my book for an autograph. could I perhaps be related to Peter Griffin?

really? seriously?

sometimes I want to slap myself upside my head.

when I really wanted to say, this class changed me. I wanted it to change me. and fix me. correction: I wanted to fix me. and, yes, ma’am, the last five months have delivered. and I would do it over again in a second. thank you for showing me the way.

thank you so much for giving me, me.

so here, you go, Martha. you rocked my world.

and I close by saying that I respectfully do not care if you ever read this blog post.




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