16/50: Anya and Jillie, end of the liquid lunch. um. a bit more candid. fyi!

“I’m not going to sleep with a boy that half the company sees on a daily basis.  Besides, you know why I don’t sleep around.”

“I know, but why do you keep thinking that every man who shows the slightest interest in you is going to be HIM again?  I don’t get it.  You have to stop putting that out there…otherwise it will happen.”

“Yeah, yeah, Jayzen has been working on that with me.  I know I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it,”  I raise my glass.

We clink our glasses…and lunch turns into another liquid lunch, as we recount the men who have shared my bed.  A grand total of three.  Or my lucky three as I like to call them.  Compared to Jo’s 28, I feel like a teenage girl.  She’s the only one that knows my full history.   Well, I take that back, Jayzen knows my past.  They are the only two people who I trust in my current life.

I look at my watch.

“Jeepers, we’ve been here for two hours!”  I say.  “Let’s reconvene at my  place tonight?”

“You got it sister, but promise you’ll stop being so hard on yourself, will ya,” she says.

“I know.  Are you feeling better,” I ask as I motion to Dean that we need our check.

“Yes, must be the vodka.  You make my world so, so much better, you know that right?”  She says, looking at me right in the eye.

“I know, sweet pea.” I wink one last time.

We clink our glasses one last time, and drain our martinis.


very rough cut!  seriously lots of glasses clinking and eyes winking.  edit. edit. edit.  need more examples of how hard Anya is on herself.  and how equally hard Jillie is.



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