17/50: Nine years? When did that happen?

it occurred to me today, while wishing a heart-felt congrats to a work peep recently engaged as of last night…tomorrow is the hub’s and my nine year anniversary since we became engaged!


we married exactly 20 months after we were engaged.  even after the eye conked out!

he proposed that Saturday night after I climbed into bed, wearing sweats, no make-up, and all comfy’d up.  we had just popped in Finding Nemo.

we still quote Dory.

“I don’t speak humpback.”

“if nothing ever happens to you, nothing will ever happen to you.”

smart fish.

getting the hair done tomorrow night, and then we are out to dinner to celebrate  – nine years!!

wowzer!  we are approaching double digits!

though I knew from the moment I saw him across the aisle @ work in 1999, that we would be together.  and before that even.  when I ran across his name on an org chart.  this is old news to many of you.  but is worthy of repetition.  ha!

I knew it before he was even living in California!

ooooff….I love us so much!

he said to me tonight that his master plan is falling into place.  after I returned from a client call overflowing with good energy.  without even saying anything.


“oh, right, you support my master plan to achieve your master plan.  love it,” I replied.




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