21/50. exhausted.


had to grab some caffeine this afternoon while at work.

(as some of you know, I have reduced my caffeine intake, considerably.)

but today, if I had skipped my awake juice, my work peeps would have found me dead asleep on my desk.

head in drool.

though as a result, devised a new scene for Anya.

btw sidebar>>>reading Vintage Affair (thanks Jana!!).

love it.  turns out Ms. Phoebe has a Mr. Tate and an Annie.  huh.

might need to revise my character names.

can’t  won’t give up on The Tate though.

so off to bed, for what I hope is a long sleep!

this waking up at midnight every night instead of 1AM due to the time change is much improved.


lots to do this weekend.  hopefully we can shove a movie in there as well.

on my list:  cloud atlas (or atlas cloud – can never remember) and lincoln.  so long kiddie movies.  uh huh.



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