25/50: ’twas the night before Thanksgiving…the real #25.

and all through the office, not a soul was stirring.

as work peeps danced turkeys in their heads…

and all the yummy things they were about to nosh.

really?  okay, that’s as far as I can go without having to pull out my copy of the other version.  ha!

so my friends and I have an annual pre-thanksgiving tradition:  the Wednesday before, we happy hour it up.  kinda like Jr. high, when we would movie it up.

except with alcohol.

the first TNBT was in 2006.  or was it 05?  our memories are aging just as we are.

that night we ended up staying out until well past midnight.  I think it was 05 b/c the hub and I were still living in the apartment (we loved, loved that apartment!)…and managed to throw a turkey in a brine bath at 1AM.

last year was not as fun as it usually is.  we tried a new venue.  that kinda flopped.

fitting as my legs were flopping too.  early night.  but it was better than 2010.

well…Thanksgiving in ’10 that is.

this year, the energy is vibing strong, so I suspect know that we will have fun for this year’s TNBT!!

two years ago.  2010.  Zimzala.  fun!  that TNBT was followed by a yuck-o Thanksgiving.  won’t go into details here, but Facebook was involved.  and a cold shoulder from a family member.  door slammed in my face.  that’s all you need to know.

but I’m not bitter.  ha!  that is one event among many I have worked really hard to change my thoughts around.  Byron Katie’s Work comes in handy, along with Brooke Castillo’s SelfCoaching101.

the ’10 Thanksgiving was followed by a Friday trip to the Getty in LA, and then a fab-0 dinner with friends at La Cave.  for which I could NOT wait after the T-day that I had just had!  huh.  that was the night I convinced everyone to take a free online MBTI test.  those online tests just are NOT reliable…I know now after becoming MBTI certified!  the freebies are more for entertainment purposes only.  😉

back to this year:  I am vowing not to drink too much.

turns out alcohol and MS don’t mix too well!  annoying!!

no wonder I have always been a light weight.  turns out alcohol skids quickly across de-myelinated neurons, faster than the stalled electrical impulses.  huh.  that is my scientific explanation.

so I will use caution this year!

what is your T-giving tradition?

I told my hub, that I want to help feed the hungry next year (beyond $$$)…he agreed.



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