27/50: the tale of the dromedary.

bizarre-o conversation with the hub #8000.

already posted bits on FB.  but this mini-tale generated so much laughing this morning, it’s worthy of blogging…

after I settled back into bed with a cup of coffee (+2 packets of stevia and half&half) and began working on my morning pages, my hub slowly wakes and looks over at me.

“what are you looking at, baby?” I ask without turning my head in his direction.

“that’s a really cool coffee mug you have there.  did you draw the design on it?”

“um, no, but I wish I had! it’s pretty isn’t it,” I say as I pick it up and provide him with a closer view. “it’s got an elephant, and whatever those guys called?” I ask motioning to a humpy beastie.  “wait, don’t tell me, I know what it is…it’s a drome… something…” I say.

“there’s a monkey too,” he interrupts sleepily and points to the monkey.

“hey, I never noticed the monkey! and it’s riding on the dromedary!” I exclaim, proud that I had located the word that I had lost earlier.

“did you just call the camel a dromedary?” he asks bewildered.

“yeah, that’s what they’re called, right, a dromedary? that’s what I learned in England, that’s right isn’t it?” I say as I begin googling dromedary.

“yes, a dromedary is a camel. I just can’t believe you just called a camel a dromedary – not an every day word for camel – and that was the word you couldn’t find.”

“yeah, I guess camel sounds better than dromedary – especially when we’re talking about cigarettes – do you think they tried dromedary lights first?” I ask, dead-panned.

“nope, that was after the failed first attempt at dromedary menthols,” he replies.

we dissolve into elementary school giggles. still laughing as I recount this early morning conversation.

God, I love my hub!! I love that he and I laugh every day!! must be due to the same sick, dry, sarcastic sense of humor we both have.

our kind of crazy is a perfect match.



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