28/50: trust.

my boss laid into me today for something that I already do.

that he wants me to do.


something that I created from nothing back in 2006.

and has been evolving since.

clearly it’s not good enough is what I read into the conversation.

bit frustrated on my side of the fence, yes.

he was frustrated too.

but I quickly let it go.

(it feels much better to let things go than to hang on to them I have discovered!)

so on my drive home tonight I started thinking about trust after scratching intuitive trust and blind trust on a post-it note after the exchange.

perhaps I trust people too much.  I wondered.

and perhaps I expect to be treated similarly.  hmm.

I trust that my staff will do what they say they will do.

and most of the time, they do.

and sometimes they will make it their own.  which is so cool!

they only don’t do something, when I have asked them to do something they don’t understand.

turns out they didn’t know they didn’t understand the task until they started doing it.

easy fix in my book.  so I explain again in a different way, draw, demonstrate, show, and then inspect what I expect.  in the background.  I hate to hover!  and I will only check their work three times.  and then when I see they clearly have it, I let them go.

concluded that there must be four different types of trust:

blind trust.

intuitive trust.

logical trust.

and the best kind of trust I know:  loving trust.

maybe blind trust is loving trust?  I think not. it all depends, I suppose.

perhaps intuitive trust can also be confused with blind trust in the Corporate world?

how the heck does one explain intuition?!   I can’t!

I don’t know.

what do you peeps think?  I would love to get some help on this topic!

I just know that I use my intuitive trust at work.  so far it has never let me down when it comes to work.

except when I ignore it.  that is my lesson learned.  🙂



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