29/50: how to write a blog in five minutes

grateful that I have the opportunity to write more blog posts than I thought I did.

felt like the crazy people on the Amazing Race from Monday night. this morning.  it’s right there in front of you?  I wanted to scream at the TV!!

proud as I thought I had 11 more posts to publish to meet my 50 in 30 November challenge.

when I wrote #29 in my morning pages…I laughed!

I thought I only had 12 remaining posts.

umm.  not on this planet’s math.

I have 22??!!!  whaaaat??

so my hub and I came up with a few draft titles to get me rolling.  this blog was the last contribution, so I’m giving it a go.   roll  your eyes.  it’s not a very good list!  ha!

attachment to the outcome

famous people I like to quote and why

what to do in December

why monty is the greatest dog ever

why did charlie brown never bang that lucy chick?  (really, hub, you just offered this one?  I am married to a sick, funny man…)

when is anya going to sleep with the Tate??

how did jillie’s first MRI go…?

playing with needles…

why are men smarter than women?  (my hub’s third contribution.  uh huh.  that one I will have fun with. 😉  

mountain bikes.  and more.  (thanks, baby)

where does one volunteer for thanksgiving?  the OC likes to keep this under wraps.

how to write a blog in five minutes.

must run!  work calls.



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