30/50: ahhh. sweet 30.

do you remember when you turned 30?

well, for those of you who have actually reached this monumental milestone.  of course.  🙂

my boyfriend (now hub) threw me a birthday party for my 30th!  almost nine years ago.  not until next year will it be nine years.  don’t jump the gun, please.  eeek!

but it was so cool.

I hadn’t had a birthday party thrown for me since I was 18? can’t remember.  outside of family celebrations.


that was way too long!  I was in hibernation for 12+ years.  turns out.  that’s okay.  that got me to where I am now!

how sweet 30 was for me.  40 will be even better.

was it for you too??  18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 – whatever!  any birthday should be is a celebration.

and for me.  it is equally as sweet to complete 30 posts in 20 days.  despite my fumble this morning!!  ha!

(now I have 2.1 blogs to complete to finish by midnight 11/30.)

doing something I love.  what could be more perfect that this?  can’t think of anything better!

wait a second, this one wasn’t on my list of titles.  huh.  what’s next – attachment to outcome.  that’s an oldie.  I know how it works.  when I remember…which is every other four hours or so.  huh.

more on that later…

thanks for the new followers!!

fyi…going to get some help on my website, as I want to include the blogs I follow…add the other menu options (which vigilance theme seems to be opposed to allowing me to do)….and make my site as cool as yours.  frustration is not necessary when there are only 16.5 hours available during awake time.  😉

happy upcoming Thanksgiving for us turkeys in the US…ha!  I’m sure I will blog multiple times that day!  as I doubt I’ll blog tomorrow night!  get to see my sweet, sweet Grandma on Thursday.  she is 89!?  amazing lady.



6 thoughts on “30/50: ahhh. sweet 30.

  1. I turn thirty in April…I hope my husband throws me a party! haha! I’ll be a little sad not being able to say I’m in my twenties anymore, but for the most part, I am exicited about this next chapter. Everyone says the thirties are wonderful…I’m hopeful!

    • you will love it!! I hope he does too… 😉 he better! ha! I turn 39 in April. I thought I would be sad too @ 30…but I wasn’t! It was almost liberating! I hear the same thing happens @ 40. 😉 now, 35, was another matter. 😉 best of luck and happy early birthday! thanks for commenting!!

      • thanks! 35 was hard for me, because all my friends were having babies and I wasn’t! 😉 but I suppose it’s also a time when a woman starts to see that she is aging – physically! not to scare you!!! we just keep improving, is the way I look at it now. it was more the former for me>>>the pressure to reproduce under a timeline. Your MIL knows what she’s talking about…!

  2. Lucky you! i can’t remember the last time someone threw me a party! Anyway, according to me, 40 is definetely better than 30 – you start accepting signs of aging, but along with that comes loads of confidence (and maybe wisdom!)

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