31/50: thanks-giving.

btw, fun night for the annual TNBT!

while walking out from work last night, I ran into two work peeps.  we all quickly turned our attention to the pink wispy clouds against a purple and deepening blue sky.

one said, how can we not feel grateful?

I replied, no kidding, and this, sweeping my arm 180 degrees, is free!

so grateful for all that is.

the hub.  friends.  family.  colleagues.  work peeps.  clients.  teachers.  writing.  rest.  play.  connection.  giving.  creating.  learning.   inspiration.  love.  that I get to write for free!

could there be anything more perfect than today?  I can’t think of one.

this morning, the hub and I strolled the doggy across the street @ bartlett park…where the local coyote pack lives.

fingers crossed we would see a coyote, as we crossed Adams Ave.

we had not ventured over to the park in a couple years.


how cool is it that there is a wild park across the street from our condo complex?

right in the middle of HB.  how could we forget this?

perfect.  wild.

there were birds every where.  and a new pond.  a blue heron.  a white heron.  ducks of all variety.  hummingbirds a-plenty!

we could not stop looking left as we walked the trail that ran the perimeter of the park.  expensive homes to our right.  beautiful nature to our left.

I said to my hub, why didn’t you tell me we were coming here, I would have brought my camera!  do you have your camera?

no, no.  that would have been too smart.  came his reply.  ha!

as we made our way outside of the park what did we see, but a coyote standing up above the park on the ridge-line.  yes!

he was watching for something.  and his ears torqued to attention when an SUV drove by.  he tracked the white beast.  and then relaxed when it was at a safe distance.

why was he tracking the vehicle? we wondered.

it wasn’t long until we saw a second coyote trotting down Seabridge lane.  continuing on into the park.  our gaze returned to the ridge-line coyote, who had already seen his mate.  we watched as he silently made his way down the hill to greet his friend.

they were making a track straight for the other.  too bad we couldn’t seem them greet each other in the brush!

so cool!!  how blessed are we?  so grateful that we live in an amazing part of this planet!!

happy Thanksgiving, people!!  I hope you have a plenty-full day!!

for what do you have to be grateful?



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