33/50. post t-day.

169 is what I have to must exceed.

more on this later.  but today was a reminder.

new topic:  how was your thanksgiving??

ours was brilliant.  more ways than one.


positive affect.


friends.  new friends.  new love.

love it!!

also finished the Vintage Affair today.  after having this book for years!  fab.

would have preferred a bit more @ the end.

but I love a story that ties everything up into an almost perfect bow.

interesting past tense post present tense dialogue.  huh.  must explore more!

so inspired me to keep writing about my Anya and Jillie.

17 to go people!  odd for me this morning.  I wrote my first blog in my morning pages.  that never happens!

guess new things are a-happening!  yeah!!

how was your day??

best part of today:  the hub and I left a $30 tip at breakfast.



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