34/50: what was I gonna write about again?

got it – attachment to outcome!

ok – bizarre-O – just said the above title, and the answer shortly followed.

love it when that happens!  good example for today’s theme, which I have written about previously.

have been experimenting with this theme for the last month, and I am loving the outcome!!

but in an un-attached sort of way… ha!

so, how many times have you wanted something to the point of frustration?

when is it going to show up?

where the heck is it?

why doesn’t he/she like me?

where is the MONEY?!

where is the happy?

why doesn’t may boss treat me with respect?

why, why, why?

and it’s all you can think of to the point of carefully constructing events surrounding what you want, in hopes of making it happen.

or maybe you don’t.  maybe you just like to discuss the lack of what you want into the next millennium.

but one thing is always the same:  I don’t have what I want.

and that is all that you’re putting out there, the lack of what you want.

so more lack is what keeps showing up.

go figure.

I know for me, that when I’m grabby for an outcome, it usually never happens.  or if it does happen, it’s just a faded version of what we thought we wanted.

I am queen of grabby for what I want.  but things began to shift, once I recognized this behavior.

(what is it they say, acknowledgment is the first step in recovery? 😉

one example from  yesterday…

a family member had been pretty grabby after an uncle passed:  I should have gotten that piece of furniture after so and so died!!  but, as soon as she let it go, the piece showed up out of the blue!  literally.  and randomly.  so cool!

look around you today – black friday – lots of grabby peeps out there in the USA today!  let’s pray no one gets trampled this year!

do you have an example of something you desperately wanted. and then made a conscious decision to let it go.  and then it showed up at a later point in time?

right now, I’m grabbing to hit 170 page views in one day.  I have to hit 170.  because right now, I’m sitting on 169, and it reminds me of a very dark day – the day my cousin died.

huh.  just writing that down, made me realize, it could be a good thing to have a daily reminder.  of someone who pursued life with passion.  huh.

maybe I’ll consider dropping this grab.  😉




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