36/50: missing socks.

I had a feeling yesterday that my new client might bail on me.


why did that thought show up?

thoughts like that can intervene.  unnecessarily.  I know this.  then why do I still think them?!

so I pushed it into the background.  before my grip had a chance to tighten.

was it just me putting that thought out there because I’m afraid I might actually like love coaching and working with clients?  gently floated in.

yes, that’s it!  so I balled up the original thought and threw it away.  literally.

it was all me.  and my client hasn’t run away.  🙂

we create most of our own anxiety and fears from past events.  insecurity.  and from estimating what they will think of our future selves.  what I will think of my future self.  all of which, we like to distort and mash up.

practicing letting-go-of-the-outcome has helped me see things with so much more clarity.

throw in a quick Byron Katie, is it true?

usually not.  and there are always lots of examples how the thought is not true.

change your thoughts.  change your perspective. and perception.  life is so much sweeter!

it also helps when you can’t find the only socks you can wear with your new boots…the socks just show up as soon as the frenetic plowing through of the sock drawer ends… 😉


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