39/50. playing with needles?

11 blog posts to go in order to hit my 50 in 30 days.

a couple waiting patiently.  have already drafted 50/50.  so far it’s my favorite.  expect a few more snips of fiction.

but here’s a snippet of MS reality.  one that I would not classify as play time.


argh!!  how I hate my daily injections!

my back side is spotted and lumpy.  never know which injection is going to hurt.  1/10 I don’t even feel.  the other 9 burn and sting like a wasp stuck under my skin.  sometimes a big wasp.  sometimes a baby wasp.  they are all different.

but as I have mentioned previously, my hub keeps reminding me, better there than on your brain.

that is what I force myself to remember every time I release the AutoJect, which rapid fires 20 mg of Copaxone under my skin.

injecting in my stomach the last few nights.  much easier there.  stopped injecting in my arms.  as the Copaxone started eating away at my muscle tissue.  also scratched the legs for the same reason.  I still have a 1.5 inch divot on my right thigh.

rookie mistake:  pushing too hard into the flesh with the AutoJect.  for you newbies out there, don’t do that!

so now, I just keep track of the shots on my back side by the lumps that are still red.  don’t punch there.  or there.

Friday night I skipped.  freedom!

but then I worry.

I know my WBC count is up, if my swollen lymph nodes are any indication.

what if a few stray WBCs get through to my brain and start munching again?



but a bit of a reality.  so I keep injecting.

so grateful that is an option for me.  despite the fact that it costs my insurance company $4300.

per month!

can’t wait until BG-12 gets FDA approval!  it will be just as costly, I suspect, but without the literal physical sting.

check out a NYTimes article on BG-12…

BG-12 shows promise!

big ps.  on another note, I get so tired bored reading that MS is a progressive degenerative disease.

it doesn’t feel progressive or degenerative to me!  most days.  😉

in fact, MS released me from myself, which feels more restorative than degenerative.

maybe that is the progressive part of its nature.



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