41/50: good day, sunday.

the hub and I were inspired to swing by the Newland Animal Shelter this afternoon.

(I guess I felt like crying, which I always do when we are there.)

I can feel the dogs who are scared.  nervous.  bewildered.  angry.  eager to find love.  and then doggies who are just plain sad.

oooopph.  it all hits me right in the heart.  over and over again.

fell in love over and over today.  it always hits my hub hard too.

while there I suggested to my hub that we bring some of our old blankets to keep the little guys warm.  he agreed.  and said, we’ll get an extra bag of food the next time we are buying food for our puppers.  awesome!

so we raced home, so I could rip open every closet that has been known to house leftover blankets.

we found a couple Xmas blankets, a white fluffy blanket (that I hope will be given to the two little white fluffy cock-a-poos.  poor guys are always cuddled together, shaking nonstop.  the more assertive guy always approaches me, and stares right into my eyes.  don’t worry, I try to soothe him, you guys just haven’t found your perfect forever home yet, but when you do…the owners will take both of you…and cuddle and love you super good.), a blue adult sized Snuggie, some old IKEA blankets – three I think – along with a few dog beds from when our girl was a puppy.  we piled everything into, on top of a banker’s box, and were off to deliver.

wow, did that feel, just so good!

I flipped the box upside down, and all the blankets, beds, and one toy fell into the donation bin almost filling it to the top!

I said to my hub after we got home that we should just go over there and walk the dogs.

he agreed.

one other feel good, there were fewer dogs in cages than last time we visited (two weeks ago)!!  that means homes have been found!!

Newland is a no-kill shelter – woot!



2 thoughts on “41/50: good day, sunday.

  1. i always feel so sad, and angry when i visit the shelters. the anger is towards the people who abandon or give up their pets. there should be a class that is mandatory for all people to take before being allowed to own a pet…

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