44/50: inferior sensing function. non-deployment.

so the hub and I concluded tonight that we over-used our dominant Myers-Briggs function, Intuition, when putting up our three Xmas trees this weekend.

mind you, two of the trees are 24 inches tall. and the other one has been up all year. it’s a palm tree.

while deciding where we would place the trees and what lights would go on each tree….strongly visualizing the final product of cute trees ensconcing our living room….we opted not to deploy our inferior (i.e., under-developed) Sensing function.

the hub is one letter off from me with our four letter personality types. we’re kinda like distant cousins in the Myers-Briggs personality world.

his auxiliary function is the opposite of mine. which means his Thinking is my tertiary function…and my Feeling is his tertiary function. other than that, we are like two peas in a pod. ha! we both need to work on our Sensing. as that inferior function is the same for both of us.

I love that I now have official sounding language to describe our behavior.

in standard English:

we used three extension cords, when we only required one for all three trees.

silly us!



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