48/50: what the watcher knows.

appreciate the input from my semi-self-flagellation last night! love right back at ya!!

real quick post tonight before I am off to play with a needle and read chap. 10 of the artist’s way. if you haven’t read the AW…read it!! esp. if you’re running into some blocks with a creative project.

speaking of needles (real quick, I promise)…a second syringe in the history of injecting myself succumbed last night. it sprayed all over the bathroom floor. instead of into my hip. brill. that was a $143 casualty.

so today I took on the role of the watcher while at my 7:20-5er..to compassionately watch myself whenever I had the urge to merge with some Hershey kisses and gf crackers.

found myself reaching for the crackers. when my blood sugar dropped. nothing new here. it’s the mid-morning, pre-lunch, all-afternoon snacking that really chaps me.

and then taking a look at all the other moments, I found myself reaching over and over again.

when I was bored.

wait a second.


maybe that’s it…

maybe boredom @ work is getting to me?!


okay – that just hit me smack on the nose.

and it’s not that I’m sitting around doing nothing while at work.

the things I’m doing are boring.

because I have done them so many times. over and over again.

this is the longest I have been in the same job. it’s a good job, don’t get me wrong.

but I could do dream of doing so much more!

there hasn’t been a layoff for three years. so things have settled down somewhat after the last six.

there is a placiddull-ness that has descended upon the office.

hence my incessant eating…I eat to keep my brain functioning on some level…a base level, perhaps.

it’s the stuff I do before and after hours that really inspires me.

how can I infuse that inspiration into my working hours?

or maybe there is a larger question looming.


two more posts to go!! feeling exceptionally eager to post #50.

love to my hub, for putting up with me this month.

poor guy has been neglected. but he has been forewarned….2013 NaNoWriMo is on the list.



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