49/50: new things.

for the upcoming weekend, I have been invited to watch Meiko perform on Sunday night.

she’s doing a benefit performance for people affected by hurricane sandy!  love a give back.  🙂

just listened to her song Stuck On You…she’s cute, creative, and funny?  TBD.  she played with two meat balls and then winked at the camera…I think maybe…  😉

her name reminded me of my friend’s mom…who sadly passed in 2006 … ❤

too soon.  she was a tough kind woman.  I know her daughter misses her.  name spelled slightly differently, but I wrote Mieko (my friend’s mom’s name), even while looking @ Meiko‘s name.

my brain likes to cross things over.  sometimes I’m okay with that…;-)

Meiko’s playing at a small snap of a club in LA.  no idea where.

even if I did, I still wouldn’t know where it is.

so excited. and unexpected!

and what’s unexpected is that I want to go!

my usual MO, thrown out the window.  (I guess I must be rambling in slips, because I just wrote MS.)


something new.  eeks.  what’s that?  I need to sit on it for a bit and roll it around.  d’ya mind waiting?

no time to do that today.

I’m going.

what are you crazy people doing this weekend?!

after tomorrow night, this is it for me on my monthly challenge!   sorry, if I’m preening a little, but I AM!!!

love you people!!

one more request.  I dare you to do something unexpected tomorrow….and I don’t mean 50 Shades unexpected… 😉


ps.  I caught the blogging bug.  love it.  love it.  🙂


2 thoughts on “49/50: new things.

  1. So happy you’re coming! And you’ll love the Hotel Cafe, it’s a great venue and will be fun. Look up Angel Taylor too. She’s also performing and I had forgotten I downloaded some of her music a while ago – she’s good. Glad you made the quick decision today 🙂

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