all blogged out?

I haven’t posted for four days.

feels like forever.

mildly nice though.

while missing the daily exercise!  can’t wait for our vacation next week!  I will write and write…and keep writing…after the organizing and organizing we have planned.  of course.  uh huh.

this week I can get other things done…

map out the design for my website (until I got stuck).

draft research interview questions for the MS Society.  (need to find someone who has the knowledge and is willing to talk to me about Jillie’s issue.)

see my chiropractor.  my shoulders are no longer up around my ears.

mail my sister’s birthday gift.

Xmas shopping.  still must figure out the Dad and Step-Mum.  in England.  so need to get moving on that.

catch up on emails.

hang with friends.

btw, the not-thinking-too-hard about a night out in LA on a sunday.  was perfect!  so much fun!  note to self:  don’t think too hard.  that btw, Sunday night, was is the world I love…







perfect artist’s date.

(scratched out five sentences for my book.  and have a whole new idea for either Anya or Jillie.  that wouldn’t have shown up if I had bailed.)

can’t get this song out of my head…

start planning for 2013.

decide when to sign up for MBTI Step II.  yeah!  can’t wait for that!

opffff.  bit rusty.  but, oh yes, this feels so good!



6 thoughts on “all blogged out?

  1. OMG I hate getting stuck! It’s so annoying especially when you have big dreams and momentum. Technical difficulties some times can get you as down as a cold! I am glad you took your time to rest and than come back! Good for you! Love the blog can’t wait to see the website!

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