rendezvous at the rendezvous.


the hub and I have officially decided to live more in the moment.

rather than planning everything out perfectly.

from my perspective…perfect plans never turn out perfectly. and always lead to disappointment.

huge attachment to outcome.

so Friday night we booked a quick trip to palm springs. without much contemplation.

we had thought about driving up north.

but I put the brakes on that.

too soon to drive by where my cuz died, I said.

I get it, he said.

we can fly? I asked.

the hub was already shaking his head.


no. we both concluded. too many people.

palm springs, the hub offered.

lemme sit on it.

though I didn’t really sit!

sooo cool.

we booked two nights in the Elvis room at the Rendezvous B&B. perfect weather. met Al and Rosemary from Santa Clarita. and Robin and Lisa from Chicago! talk ’bout small world.

we agreed we want to do more of this living in the moment. hard for us Js. 😉



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