yellow dream scape.

dreamed a lot last night. in yellow.

kinda freaks me out a bit; I dreamed only in yellow last year before my monster flare.

and last night under the pouring rain, I opened up with a dream flare.  I could not see things as they are.  objects started to morph right before my eyes.  I could not read.  what I already knew was in front of me.  and a huge black spot showed up…was at work when it hit.  people changed in front of my eyes.  everything evened out.  distortion was reduced quite a bit.  every hard object became soft.  and then I was in a car.  and I was riding in front of it, but still directing the vehicle.  soft yellows all around.

sidebar>>>maybe this was a result of working on my giraffe photos last night??  I had a sense I was super tall.

and then I awoke this morning after dreaming of planning a work holiday party at disneyland.  I was put in charge of planning.  or did I assign myself that duty?  the big boss then took it over.  it ended up being $60/head once he agreed to only serve water.  it was the venue that I was more interested in than anything.  and doing a good job planning each of my three options. I also had mini-golf and something else (can’t remember what the something else was) on the venue list…but disney was the answer.  maybe it was a movie theatre?  while I didn’t receive any props for my efforts, I was happy when the work peeps had a good time.

huh.  maybe the third option will resurface in a moment of deja vu.

must work on deconstructing both dreams.  though the obvious seems so obvious.

been sleeping SUPER good this week while on vacation – probably why the dreams are becoming so vivid.  my body naturally wants nine hours and fifteen minutes of sleep time.  feels so good!

what did you dream about last night?  I dare ya to share!



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