so much to say.

what a fab week off work my hub and I enjoyed!

palm springs! so blessed.

love this photo btw…the hub was in our Elvis room when I snapped from a different point of view… 😉 lots more on POV later on. DSC_0232


a ride to 8500 feet! ooooph! the hub hated that! I loved it…until we arrived @ 8500 feet!

good eats! too much!

lots of writing. and reading. time to rest. and play. and rest again. time to laugh.

speaking of laughing. had a fantastic time with two of my life coach peeps yesterday. can you say four-hour lunch?! these two women are so my people!! kisses!

inspiration released! (inspiration was my word for 2011. and again in 2012.)

been toying with my word(s) for 2013. so far I have scripted…balance…create…and fulfill. all three are super juicy! is it written somewhere that I can only have one word? 😉

…more on that later!

I can’t look at anymore photos on FB from Friday’s events…so I leave you with a few peaceful photos of pure grace….not perfection…photographically speaking…but then…what is ever perfect? DSC_0196

DSC_0186DSC_0193have a great week y’all!! more from Jillian and Anya coming soon.



4 thoughts on “so much to say.

  1. Wasn’t that fun?? Kisses back, beautiful friend! Glad you had such a great week. More happy moments ahead in 2013, I’m certain of it. xo

    • it was so much fun!! 🙂 bring on 2013! can’t wait to see your new website – drop me a note with your official link if you get a chance! also…if you want to workshop brainstorm…I’ll be around next week… 🙂 xo

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