2013 prologue.

the pressure of a new year is in front of us.

can you feel it yet?

the year when we are called to action…(just like every other year!)

to do something brilliant.  and different.

create something new.

lose weight. and get/stay in shape!

get back to yoga.

save more money.

get married.

have a baby.

quit [fill in the blank]

find a better job.


travel more.

accept and love oneself.

improve family relationships.

learn something new. and do something with that new knowledge!

drop the negative thoughts.

and increase the positive thoughts.

go back to church.

be grateful. every day.

do something kind for others every single day.

maintain a clean house.

finish all those books.

finish the first draft.

decide what to do with one’s life!  and do it!

and be happy.  every day.


ummmm.  yeah.

let’s stop here before we get too carried away.  actually reading through the above list kinda really stressed me out.  who is this super-person!?

may or may not look like your list for 2013.

(shhhh.  this list looks a lot like my commitment/resolution/dream lists from past years. except for the baby part.  it’s no wonder I am so stressed out half most of the time.)

that’s a load of pressure isn’t it?!

pressure already, when the new year has not even begun!

why are we so hard on ourselves?

and often set ourselves up for failure. with our lengthy-high-expectation-to-do lists.

if you don’t have a list yet or just feel overwhelmed reading your already crafted list…

circle the top three items on your list…and focus just on those items.

or perhaps you want to consider the following for 2013 if you don’t have anything yet (and that’s okay too!)…

treat myself with kindness.  every day.

smile every day.

laugh every day.

let’s start here.

and that will be enough.  deal?



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