been working with my MuSe for inspiration 2011-12.

now time to create what inspires me.

a completed first draft.  already underway.

a job.  even in my current job.

a healthy body.  with my current body.

a strong(er) mind.

a business.

learning.  and listening.

happiness.  laugh.  smile.


connect.  (no, baby, not on the XBox… 😉

Lori Koop says one word is easier to focus on than a list of resolutions that is quickly forgotten.  and very often broken.

I discovered that just by identifying my one word for 2013, create…all the things for which I do reach – feel much more palpable.  and closer.  no set timeline.  easy.

create comes after inspiration.

here’s to a better year this year!! be safe out there tonight, people!

what’s your word for 2013?  create below if you like…I dare ya!  😉



4 thoughts on “word.

  1. Funny Erin. I read this blog AFTER I read your FB post asking us what *our* word for 2013 is: I posted “Create!” and this is exactly what your blog is about…. As a good friend of mine would exclaim…..”Freaky Links”

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