new boots.

what will they see?

what roads will they travel?

what risks will they take?

will they leap for me?

I couldn’t wait to find out!

I dreamed of wearing them gallivanting across Europe.  Africa.  and, the US of A.

donning them for my first book reading.  and my first group coaching session.  and working at the Art Center.  while volunteering.

oh, the firsts they would they see!

and then they arrived.

and didn’t fit.

at all.

I couldn’t even squeeze my foot down to the bottom of the boot.

I then poured over the reviews on Amazon.  and Zappos.

they should fit, I wanted to scream.

these boots were supposed to make all the difference for me!

they were supposed to be just what I needed to make me feel a tiny bit better about my Grandma passing.

and hopeful about the future.

sad.  I filled out the return paperwork, and shoved the boots back in their box.

go away, I said.

I was frustrated.  so gorgeous.  smelled so good.  perfect.  beautiful.

and beyond my reach.


they didn’t want to go away.  kinda like the poem I read for my Grandma on Thursday.

last night, I pulled them out again.  and thought.  why not?   maybe they’ll fit this time.

ha!  I laughed with my hub, watch they will just slide on.

guess what happened.



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