about me.


37 38 39 years old.  female.  married.  one dog.  one cat.

prime time for multiple sclerosis to enter the scene.  two years+ in at this time.

but I’m not letting that stop me from who I am…

continuous learner.

avid writer.

fascinated by people.

wacky sense of humor.

INFJ.  barely an I.  slight on the J.  but very clear on the N and F.

corporate professional by day.

in my down-time…I help people.

services include…

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessments.

career counseling.

life coaching.


forward-focused brainstorming.

positive support.

email me if you’re interested…mindbodygallery@gmail.com.



7 thoughts on “about me.

  1. i have been considering life coaching courses and certification… i don’t anyone that has pursued this career path… would you mind emailing me about your experience and knowledge about his career path? i’ve been doing a bit o reading on the interwebs but i would love to hear from someone who is on this path…. sherri@sherristakes.com

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