what the heck is the mind body gallery!?

for me, the mind body gallery represents a joining of the mind (thoughts), body (physical form), and a gallery of inspired creativity and action – the play/work that emerges from the mind-body.

beginning with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment, I help people going through a career transition/crisis.

Is this you?  If you are already nodding your head…I can help…!

–  identify what you are passionate about

–  discover your strengths and blind spots

–  find peace as you go through the transition (or crisis!)

I will provide the positive support as new opportunities are brainstormed, explored, and mapped out!  oh yeah, and manifested too!

the back of my business card reads, discover what you were born to do

special introductory rate of $108 for either an MBTI personality profile or career profile.  includes 90 minutes with me to deconstruct your assessment results. and help you identify your BEST fit personality type for life and/or career.  it’s all about you.  you also will receive email support.  worksheets.  booklets.  and access to the online MBTI assessment. package with three subsequent coaching sessions for $388.

bundle personality and career profiles for $188.  package with three subsequent coaching sessions for $488.

small group workshop pricing available.

I look forward to working with you!  I am honored to help.

click here to email erin:

and for you MS peeps out there.  email me for special MS support pricing.



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