I took a nap this afternoon.

and it was the most peaceful sleep that I can remember. I placed an eye pillow over my eyes, and drifted easily and freely into my dreams…(this never happens to me!)

I awoke when the flax-seed pillow fell…and opened my eyes to a room filled with white brilliance.

it felt like I was in Heaven. the world was so light and bright.

I looked around, and was filled with love.


the excerpt below is from Kayce Stevens Hughlett’s book, As I Lay Pondering, Daily Invitations to Live a Transformed Life…another glimpse into brilliance. and I know her. how cool is that? 😉


May 25.

Stop. Breathe. Listen.

what has happened?

where did my spaciousness go?

waxing. waning.

full moon gone behind a cloud of busyness.

life feels too fast. like a poorly trained runner, I’m out of breath. only moments ago, living felt spacious, inviting, and oh-so-wonderful. now choices compete. early morning yoga or necessary sleep? work on the to-do list or spend time journaling? create artwork or complete a beckoning project? magazine clippings sit at the corner of my desk whispering, “create me into something.”

create me into something. is that my prayer today? I don’t want these days to pass so quickly; only filled with busyness. my longing is to be intentional. to stop and listen to the Universe. to see where my path is leading. to follow the rhythms of my soul. it is a fabulous paradox. when I take time for myself, I seem to have abundant time in other places. when I give to others, I receive blessings in return that I cannot count.

the words are difficult forming, yet time has graciously slowed. the spaciousness is returning as I stop, breathe, and listen.

what are the paradoxes in your life?

where do you need to slow down? breathe? listen?

take a moment now to experience spaciousness now as you follow the rise and fall of breath.


if you loved the above, you can find Kayce’s book on Amazon – highly, highly, recommend. the preceding is only a glimpse into her magic…