42/50. gratuitous post. long holiday weekend productivity.

today (Sunday) has been quite a productive day.

four blog posts – five today?  excellent!

holiday photo cards ordered!  I love, love how convenient the photo cards are!  selected a photo of the puppers.  JOY.  is the message.

six Xmas presents purchased for my soul-sisters.  plus a couple of birthday presents in there too!  three for some of the kiddos in our life.

dishes cleaned.  oops.  still need to empy the d/w!  (done now.)

two batches of brownies baked and delivered to friends and downstairs neighbors.

fabulous dinner with friends Friday night!  brill.  so much fun!

finished The Vintage Affair.  good read.  (now, reading Forever, which I had only sneaked peaks @ the library in 7th grade – as it was banned from reading in my house!  decided that Forever was for the 70s and 80s what Fifty Shades is for current day – ha!)

fiction scenes drafted.

laundry.  done.  pending folding.  still.  I laughed out loud today when I saw a FB friend post that no matter how gentle she is, her laundry never folds itself.

still to do:

draft website design.  (at the conceptual stage in my mind.)

target.  (done!)

empty d/w.

fascinating, eh?  😉

what have you accomplished on this holiday weekend?


ps.  if you’re thinking this is a gratuitous post for my 50 post challenge.  well, you’re right.  🙂  fiction coming up next.