sweet spot.

getting in the zone.  don’t you just love it when that happens?!  I don’t know about you, but I sure do.  😉

Suzanne McRae wrote about this topic earlier this week.   check out her amazing blog!  (we met in EFT training last summer; she’s brilliant.)

finding the sweet spot is a concept that has been rolling around in my head for the last few weeks…as I have been feeling like I’m in the zone much more frequently than usual.

sometimes it feels too good to be true (!)…and then what happens after that thought shows up?  life throws a curveball.  go figure.  you know what I’m talking about if you believe in the law of attraction.  😉

for me the sweet spot is a feeling of expansion, oneness, and low-grade (non-MS) buzzing throughout my entire body…I can see the future before it happens…I know what is about to arrive.

yet without any sort of attachment to the outcome.

everything was, is, and will be in perfect sync.

the sweet spot showed up when the hub and I were in Vegas last weekend celebrating our anniversary…and the universe was giving back exactly the same vibe I was pushing out there.  everything, every person aligned with my version of perfection.  we were surrounded by happy, joyful, friendly people.  those who were not, faded quietly away.  and the casino.  oh boy.  it definitely wanted to give back.

the hub and I even decided to test what was going on…I refocused my attention to the outcome of winning lots and lots of money.

and what happened? I began losing.  after a long winning streak.

so I quickly reverted to my feelings of goodwill and a positive, grounding vibe.

and sure enough, the Uni jumped on that too.  nuff-said.

when do you get in your sweet spot?  what happens when you get there?  share below!



tap happy.

just watched Nick Ortner, author of the soon to be released book, The Tapping Solution…interview Louise Hay. wowzer!

she is 86. holy moly. she is rocking her life! and looks awesome! happy.

I believe in tapping. it’s so easy. yet hard to wrap your left brain around.

give it a go, I dare ya!


been leaving the blog alone this last week.

too much going on in real life. which makes me feel like I’m supposed to be writing. I should be writing.

but I’m not. words sometimes avoid me at times like this. and that’s okay.

but tonight on the way home from work, I was hit with minor inspiration. legs rippled with goosebumps. so that’s def a good sign. 🙂

see…I have been taking the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) Step II course – which further deconstructs one’s MBTI personality type. so super cool! I love, love it. it makes my type make even more sense to me. if that’s ever going to be possible. 😉

seems like I’m a glutton for contradiction. one of my facets is casual – out of preference – of course! and another one is planful. huh? how do those two work together.

but when I thought about it, I realized that I plan out casual-time. aha!

so I have a plan to draft out all my character’s personalities. long weekend this weekend. this is going on the plan-full list. 😉

here’s the rub.

my grandma has been in the hospital – which has had me on a constant side-bar. that’s okay.

all I can say is that there is nothing like holding your sweet grandma’s hand.

she held my hand up yesterday and out in front of her. she turned it around in her hand…and opened her eyes to stare at my engagement ring.

“it’s so beautiful,” she said in a garbled voice.

I will never forget that.

once she was satisfied, she laid both our hands down on her right side. and squeezed my hand tight. I squeezed back.

God, I pray that you ease my Grandma’s fears as she moves in the evening hour of her life.

I talked to her doc today.

he thinks she had a stroke – which is why she can’t move her left side. but nothing has shown up on a CT scan.

she is so confused and scared…and the doc wants her in a more peaceful environment. which is NOT in a hospital. she moved tonight. phew!

that’s the latest people…hope you are enjoying every moment…I sure am.


the earth moved just a little today.

I spoke to someone today who has a family member with MS.

she got the MS in her late 20s.  she’s 46 now.

we both agreed that MS seems to be everywhere these days.

but perhaps that is just a matter of perspective.

this woman was just a few years younger than I was when the first symptom showed up.

for her, it has progressed.

she’s been in a wheel chair for the last six years.

after a good eight+ years of feeling good and strong.


she is in a really bad place now.

and could possibly pass sooner rather than later.

that smacked me upside the head.

and my heart broke.


that could be me in eight years.

for the first time I did not cry when faced with that reality.

instead, my eyes welled for this woman I have never met.  lying in the hospital on a ventilator.

really she could be any one of us trolling through this time-space-reality.

my own mortality feels so real close to me after last year.   even more so after my cousin passed.

I can feel the impermanence of physical life.

despite having an intense fear of being murdered in my sleep when I was ten years old …I know this is different.

thank God, I found God.

I have been so grateful to God every day for all that my hub and I have in our life…and beyond to our friends and family.  coworkers.  doctors.  healers.

I pray that God brings peace to this woman.  whatever that looks like for her.  only she knows.

geesh.  that just spilled out of me.  must have been burrowed in there still!

sorry for the buzz-kill people!

I have been realizing more often lately that I want to provide more support for the MS community.

now that I have made peace with my MS, I know that there is more I can give and do to help others.

so I will.

through a kind ear.  mentoring for newly diagnosed.  life coaching.  raising MS awareness.  career strategy counseling.  EFT.  dream analysis.  mind-make0vers.  😉

some way, some how I’m going to make this happen.  huh.  not going to worry about the when.  or the how. I know it’s in there waiting to bubble over!


ps.  new email:  mindbodygallery@gmail.com .

play date.

I was invited to a sacred play date yesterday by my friend, Lori.

to create something true. from clay.

what fun!!

welcoming women. love that! like-minded ladies. even better!

what a super-cool few hours.

we watched. rolled. molded. watched some more. talked. learned. started over. and above all: became present in the moment.

and then we slammed our pieces on the floor!

at first, we all voiced our opinions about the idea.

whaaaat?? no way! I love what I have created!! I don’t want to destroy something that I have made! I never make anything, why destroy it?!

(all this despite the self-deprecating thoughts that showed up after we first started molding!)

so Lori, stood up. and smashed her perfectly crafted mug.

and I pitched my tri-skele. from my seated position at the table.

it was so small. no one noticed. but I didn’t care. I just loved that I did it!

and then one by one. we all stood up and slammed our pieces on the hardwood floor.

the three pieces I created…a tribute…to what is coming. my book. note: one survived the liberation. 😉

in the end, we were all in awe of creating something even more beautiful and meaning-full.

love, love that!

so cool. and we are going to glaze our smashed pieces in November! awesome.

of course while all this was going on, my brain started calculating.

how can I bring myers-briggs and eft to a play date?

don’t know the details yet, but I will.

umm…just have to finish each course first!

what a fantastic weekend!

now, I must go study.


one year.

it was a year ago today that I woke up with half my body completely dissected from the control of my mind.

crazy.  that was a year ago?!  can’t believe it.  but I can.

so much can happen in a year.  in a day.  in a minute.

still have a few trailing symptoms.  as my neurons attempt to fire as normally as possible.  skidding across areas all ready scarred.

thank God I stopped flaring in March!

most days I forget that I even have MS.  until I have a phantom electric shock.  heat-flash.  buzzing in my legs.  foot cramps – ouch!  extreme fatigue out of the blue. monster migraine.

such is life.  lots of peeps have it way worse than me; I have nothing to complain about!

though the last few weeks my mind has been on edge with 7/29 looming in the distance.  today is almost over, and nothing has happened.

kinda anti-climactic, huh?!  I’ll take it!

the hub and I had a perfect day yesterday.  and today.

from here.  where do I go?

proceed with caution as I forage my way through Myers-Briggs training (love it!).  and EFT training (love it!).

both so full-filling!

that is all I can think about right now, as I just want to go along with the rest of my life.  as normally as possible.

living every day to the fullest.

ps.  thanks for sharing my journey…you peeps have no idea how much all your comments and support has meant to me. keep y’all posted!



what connotations does the above bring to the surface for you? I would love to hear!

see…I seem to have self-inflicted my over-commitment for too many things that I love…last year was for SURE…my year of over-committment x10! stress exacerbates MS flares. turns out.

here is where I still over-commit…

a. my work ethic in my corporate life. do I love that? hmmm. yes. maybe. yes. depends what we’re discussing. or what problems are on the table. and how interesting either are. ha! just kidding. work these days is full of emails. for everyone. who else is lost in email city? I try to encourage my work peeps NOT to email. but sometimes…it’s just easier…I suppose…until the replies and replies-to-all stack up….and then one is trying to figure out where to jump back on the train. or press DELETE. without uncovering the CYA. ok. getting off topic here! I will return to my list.

b. time with my husband. he might beg to differ. on occasion. but he’s an effort-null focus point for me. done. 🙂 easy-peasy.

c. my quest for LEARNing. MS might also attempt to beg to differ on that one. but I will rebuttal (is that even a verb?). huh. maybe MS got me on that one. ha!

d. my time. no brainer. that’s a given. now. I will always make time for me. even if it’s only 15 minutes a day (this I did not do at all last year!). I’m the only one who can control that. call me selfish. maybe. but who else will watch out for me, but me? maybe my hub…(I can all ready feel his eyes rolling at that comment 🙂

e. writing. see #d. (btw, that always cracks me up when peeps write # before a letter in an address!). even my writing has a priority scale. i.e,. my morning pages and blog have preceded fiction (and reading!) on the priority list. not sure what to do about my blog. huh. 😉 I have an idea…

not sure where this post is going, but it is spilling out. I am officially in pursuit of learning EFT. classes started last night. all good. I love it. it works. so letter c is temporarily at the top of the priority list. well, ahem, A is always there.

then the next thing I know I will love – MBTI certification training – begins next week. ~40 hours. in 60 days. I can do that. whilst working 10 hours a day. not including travel time. but I will give it a go. and at the same time as EFT training.

hmmm…maybe I’m procrastinating writing my book. ya think? 😉 as my coach friends might want to say…I have a hunch, that you’re too busy being busy to write your book? tell me where I’m wrong. and is that true? 😉

ummm. I can’t be absolutely sure it’s true. but, you might be getting warmer. 🙂

so…where does this leave my fiction: on a slight hiatus before I repost excerpts from my book(s). EFT and MBTI…calls…for the next eight weeks.

and then Anya, Jill, and the Tate will be back on the scene.

keep y’all posted!

how do you prioritize your time?

PS. I can’t wait to see what those crazy kids are up to.