Done with 2014.

Almost a year since I blogged.  WTH?

Quick self-indulgent catch up from 2014:

1.  Bring on February – new job.  The best move I’ve made of recent career life.  I had no idea how much stress I put my soul and my body through over the last five years…until I stopped doing that old job.  Cool.  How much I learned about being a manager once I was no longer a manager.  Every manager should give that a go.

2.  Bring on 40 – April.  That whole month was rotten.  And not because of the number.  I have never felt so young (and not in a good way) as I did when I turned 40.  That was my lowest point of the year.  BUT, I still had a rockin’ brilliant party.

3.  Bring on some minor flares that speckled the entire year.  Grrrr.  The beast that lives within likes to remind me that she’s there.  From fatigue to pain to increasing eye problems….she lurks in the shadows waiting to rumble with me.  But nothing too serious.  Thank God!  On this topic, I also added acupuncture to my regimen.  LOVE it!  Saturdays  – after boot camp… 😉  Oh, and I switched treatments officially to three shots/week.  Grrr, but way better than seven.

4.  Bring on BOOT CAMP.  Best thing I’ve done for myself over the last nine years – I began working my body a month after turning 40.  Whoooweee – so much fun.  So hard.  I love it.  This was one of the few times that I didn’t over-think joining HB Fit Body Boot Camp, and then followed the trainer to Ultrafit Boot Camp.  Talk about a life reset.  My body loves it.  My soul loves it.  My energy levels have improved, my muscle spasms – so much better, and my overall well-being = almost brilliant.  I have muscles now!  I think all my friends are beginning to roll their eyes, when I start out with…”At boot camp…” >> every conversation includes a boot camp mention…I love it that much.

5.  Bring on the first BIG road trip of my life.  From Huntington Beach to Portland.  Trips to Vegas don’t count….Though, I wouldn’t mind one of those.  2100 miles in 8 days.  Brilliant.

6.  25 miles on the bike.  Bring it.  Been there and did that in October.  For MS.  YES!  Also a top Bike MS fundraiser – second year running.  Can’t wait to do the ride again this year.

7.  Bring on writing.  Another 50K words slapped down on the page, and I’m 9K words away from completing my first official rough rough draft of 110K words.  Note to self:  DO that.

8.  Holidays at home with our kids.  Mwah.  Though this year, I know I’ll be itching to get away…sorry fur babies!

9.  Wine club with the girls.  ‘Nuff said.

Hello 2015.  The hub and I will celebrate 10 years of married bliss in July.  Ha!  What’s up for you in 2015?


PS.  Hardly any proof-reading on this one…so forgive me.




today, finally I feel like I don’t have MS.


or I’m just getting used to it – ha!

I can now ignore my legs buzzing. and random bee sting shocks. wonky legs. fatigue. and right eye feeling like someone is yanking on it. from the inside.

instead, I choose to continue to strengthen my weak legs. and visualize my CNS healing. and, so it will be!

we have a new stationary spinning bike. so grateful! been riding it every day. feels so good!

the bike is starting to work>;>;>;for example…muscle loss courtesy of the big C and MS…in my right leg. muscle seems to be slowly re-growing. just like my hub’s Achilles tendon.

btw>;>;>;I could not stop laughing when he tried out the bike. with his left foot propped up on the back of the couch. cycling with his solo right foot. rock star! he has been amazingly strong through all this!!

bottom line. I have to take good care of myself. summer is approaching. all my flares have occurred in the summer. and this is going to be one hot summer!

so what will I do? relax. eat well. not stress. do my daily shots. not get sucked into negativity. not even close. btw>;>;>;last two weeks have been brilliant despite a couple sleepless nights!

being back at work, has been SO good for me! see work-a-holic post – ha! now I can do both. finally!

(note to self – remind myself of this frequently! and yes, I realize right now is not Monday at 5:26. in the AM!)

hope everyone is having a great Saturday. my hub and I have had a great day! and now off to watch the Muppets. one of my fave post-MS kid movies that we enjoyed. I don’t wanna cry any more than necessary!


PS. we almost came home with a second puppy today…if she’s still there next week…we may reconsider (ahem…two girls…what were we thinking?). she is so cute! we also liked #44. a boy. white lab mixed with something else. (love any number that adds up to 8). but he wasn’t ready to taken out for a walk. hmmm. we will both meditate on growing our family.