two years.


the fact that today marks the day I was diagnosed with MS didn’t hit me until I was prepping myself to do my 3x/week Copaxone shot tonight.

(Tuesday night’s was a beast.  I still have an extremely tender two-inch red lump on my right thigh.)

tonight’s was easy breezy…fyi.  thank you God!

so yup, my two-year anniversary didn’t hit me until tonight.  I must have been distracted by all that is – including today being Talk Like a Pirate Day.  after this realization struck me, all I could mutter out loud to the dog was shit…and then laugh at myself.  no wonder the hub was being extra lovey this morning and appreciative of my appearance as I bounced out the door in my new white swan blouse and red suede heels.  love that blouse.  he even texted me after he got to work:  how you do today baby?  that didn’t even jog my memory.  he remembered though.  what an amazing man!


I officially forgot about it…

two years to make that happen.



chance encounter.

exhausted.  after one night in Vegas.

I am getting old!

but have never had such a fab birthday!

last night in Vegas, I met a girl at our three card poker table.  I knew as soon as she sat down that her energy was good.  I liked her instantly.

she started talking to the dealer, who wanted to know where she and her hub were from etc.


of course, that piqued my hub’s interest.

turned out she played water polo at my hub’s high school.  after it had been converted to co-ed.  this is not the first time we have run into former Fenwick peeps.  randomly!  i.e., when a gaggle of teen guys from Chicago were in FL wanting to play with my sistas…all attended Fenwick.  and jumped to attention once they heard my hub did.

anyhow, I digress.

this girl shared with our dealer that she wanted a break after dealing with a horrible diagnosis two+ years ago.

I couldn’t NOT ask her.

she had leukemia.  and kicked it out of her universe!  awesome.  we clinked our glasses.  she rocked.

I shared what I have.

and she said, oh, that’s way worse than leukemia.

whaaaat??  no way!!   I said.   not my version of MS.  no way, no how.

she said, trust me.


I still refute her statement.  though the hub and I discussed further tonight:  she knew what the treatment options were.  she had an end point to her treatment and kicked cancer in its balls.

got it.  just like I am kicking MS.  same story.  different circumstance.  no kids.  for the aforementioned reasons.  we got each other.  so, so cool!

my only regret, I did not get her number.  but we winked, mentally hugged, and high five’d as the hub and I left the table.  the best part…she didn’t believe I am 39.  ha!



good-bye 38.

wow.  38 sure was a full plate.

really did I just rhyme that?  let me contemplate…ummm.  no.

so to continue with my plate theme…last year was full of lots of plates stacked on top of each other.  some fell, sadly.

but lots didn’t…and looked like…




loving.  more.




followed by some writing.  😉


and more loving.  oh wait.  already said that.

so that’s what 38 was all about…thank you for all that you gave me.

whaaat’s up 39?!

I’ll see you tomorrow.  can’t wait to experience what you have in store for me!  if you’re listening, I’ll have some more of the fun, colorful, great-full, and feel-good plates, please.  mega-learning and expansion.  a completed first draft, for sure.  solid health.  yeah!  movement at work.  a new biz website.  and maybe throw in a celebrity run-in.  that would be cool.  you know, not even a well-known celebrity will do.  I’ll take ’em!  and don’t forget the LOVE.  always gotta have that!


what a difference an hour makes.

I used to always despise moving the clock forward.

losing a whole hour from the precious, beautiful weekend hours. boof that!

but didn’t feel that way this weekend.

I actually lined through everything on the TO DO list.

let me frame the momentum of this: I have never, ever completed every thing that I have set out to do that is on my dreaded to do list.

so I’m calling this a small victory. so satisfying! (really am a J to the core, and that’s okay!)

the first of many victories, I say.

takes some turtle steps to get moving, doesn’t it!?

one thing I did differently for this to do list.

I grouped the items into categories:


– non-negotiables.

Un-fun work.

– bills, errands, taxes. boof! laundry…wait a second – laundry wasn’t even on my list – and I still did that. whaaaat?!

Fun work.

– B-School stuff. outline draft #1 for my upcoming workshop on Myers-Briggs Step II – In addition to being totally awesome, who am I, really? synced iTunes. and installed MS Office on my laptop (h*ll yes, that one is HUGE…see ya Pages! 😉

this B-School biz is going to change my life. it already is. again.

how many times can a girl’s life be changed?! first time when I was given a copy of The Secret in 2006. second time after I discovered Martha Beck….and it was all downstream from there…

it never ends does it?

I have, “life is not a destination, it’s a journey,” posted on the inside of my medicine cabinet. not sure who wrote it. but it’s a gem.

back to B-School, it hit me this weekend that I have a LONG A*S list of things that I’m interested in, once I started writing them all down. things that inspire me. give me goose bumps. get me into the flow. you know – flow – when time evaporates? don’t you love it when that happens!? (there has to be a way to make money in the flow. I am determined to figure that out. 😉

(most of this stuff I love has been vomited all over this blog mess that I have created – I get it! it’s a confusing mess of practical? advice? life coaching tidbits. dream work. bits and pieces of my messy soul. fiction fun. Myers-Briggs. photography. life. memoirs. health stuff – boof!)

time to wrap it all. or deconstruct it. some way. some how.

expect a massive clean up on this website over the summer-fall months. don’t know what it will look like, but it’s coming.

the hub is holding me to NOT sign up for any more coursework until I make time for my business. (shhhh… I know I’m going to secretly take another writing course – as that is a non-negotiable on my inspiration list. can anyone say Danielle LaPorte…?)

per Marie Forleo, everything is figure-outable. go figure. 😉

what’s on your list?!

think about it.


ps. some day must share the crazy dream I had with Tyra Banks in it Friday night…where did she come from?! and there I was ooohing and awwwwing along with the rest of her followers. strange! (not really one by the way, but not judging…just sayin’!) and the hilarious scene when she showed a group of us what she does with a full paper towel roll. could not stop laughing when I shared her dream advice with my hub!


oooph!  how early did it feel waking up today after a long holiday weekend?

even went to bed by 9PM last night to ensure 8 hours of sleep.

but it hurt getting up at 5:16 in the AM today.

my body does NOT like alarms.  whose does?  I would like to know!  I prefer the natural method of waking up.  any tips on this, my ears are dying to know!  do share!

but I dragged myself into my AM daily activities.  I have to get moving right away.  otherwise no moving happens.

did some EFT work in the kitchen while the coffee was brewing and toast toasting.  and began to feel better, bit more alert, some-what more energized.  amazing how well tapping works!

but my new mood was quickly interrupted after returning to my AM writing place.  as I found myself bothered by something someone didn’t say to me.  but then another one did.

whaaaat?  I isolated the feeling down to ‘I felt left out.’  hellooooo?  I’m the one everyone talks to when they have a problem.  I’m the empathetic ear.  I want to be there!  that’s how I assign value to myself.  so whose business am I in?  by allowing a preference, oversight, or whatever the reason why I was being overlooked…to bother me.  I can’t control when others reach out to me.


oh right.  that last bit.  that’s the rub. it’s fulfilling to me to provide support.  once I identified the source.  bit selfish, eh?  😉  I did some self-coaching.  and felt better.  so decided to move on.

but unfortunately, the ball had already been set in motion.  and when I found myself rushed to walk away from my laptop to get ready for work…the negative thoughts started to cascade…

and it was all down a treacherous slope from there…not to mention the hub and I were completely off on our getting ready routine. bordering on irritated words being exchanged.  after almost walking smack into each other crossing paths.  clearly the self-coaching and tapping efforts didn’t stick.  I blame the early hour.  😉

while I was finishing up getting ready, figuring out what to do with the bangs I had screwed up by getting them partially wet in the shower, I said to my hub, “I just want to reset this mood that I’m in, because I know it’s not good and will likely get worse once I get to work.  you know, re-entry and all.”

he replied, “just let it un-happen.”

that caused me to pause.  and consider resetting.  I let that word sink in.  muttering it softly to myself.  testing it out.  genius!

I said, “un-happen, love it.  thanks baby.  thanks baby!”

and do I did.

what do you let un-happen?  I’m curious!


ps.  so much for my breathing and smiling in 2013… 😉


so much to say.

what a fab week off work my hub and I enjoyed!

palm springs! so blessed.

love this photo btw…the hub was in our Elvis room when I snapped from a different point of view… 😉 lots more on POV later on. DSC_0232


a ride to 8500 feet! ooooph! the hub hated that! I loved it…until we arrived @ 8500 feet!

good eats! too much!

lots of writing. and reading. time to rest. and play. and rest again. time to laugh.

speaking of laughing. had a fantastic time with two of my life coach peeps yesterday. can you say four-hour lunch?! these two women are so my people!! kisses!

inspiration released! (inspiration was my word for 2011. and again in 2012.)

been toying with my word(s) for 2013. so far I have scripted…balance…create…and fulfill. all three are super juicy! is it written somewhere that I can only have one word? 😉

…more on that later!

I can’t look at anymore photos on FB from Friday’s events…so I leave you with a few peaceful photos of pure grace….not perfection…photographically speaking…but then…what is ever perfect? DSC_0196

DSC_0186DSC_0193have a great week y’all!! more from Jillian and Anya coming soon.


45/50: bit too much off, eh??

yes, yes. I concur.

what was I thinking?

getting behind early on didNOT help.

so I had to slam in a bunch of posts this weekend.

and depress myself…as I watch my page views begin to dwindle.

good job having zero attachment to outcome. (insert sarcasm here.)

but I vow (to myself) to finish up my 50 posts in 30 days.

after two posts tonight…only one per night for the remainder of the week.

wow, that’s it? how did that happen?! when did that happen!?


now I remember why I’m doing this…the process.

note to self: this process is a fantastic work and MS stress-reliever. keep doing it.


44/50: inferior sensing function. non-deployment.

so the hub and I concluded tonight that we over-used our dominant Myers-Briggs function, Intuition, when putting up our three Xmas trees this weekend.

mind you, two of the trees are 24 inches tall. and the other one has been up all year. it’s a palm tree.

while deciding where we would place the trees and what lights would go on each tree….strongly visualizing the final product of cute trees ensconcing our living room….we opted not to deploy our inferior (i.e., under-developed) Sensing function.

the hub is one letter off from me with our four letter personality types. we’re kinda like distant cousins in the Myers-Briggs personality world.

his auxiliary function is the opposite of mine. which means his Thinking is my tertiary function…and my Feeling is his tertiary function. other than that, we are like two peas in a pod. ha! we both need to work on our Sensing. as that inferior function is the same for both of us.

I love that I now have official sounding language to describe our behavior.

in standard English:

we used three extension cords, when we only required one for all three trees.

silly us!


33/50. post t-day.

169 is what I have to must exceed.

more on this later.  but today was a reminder.

new topic:  how was your thanksgiving??

ours was brilliant.  more ways than one.


positive affect.


friends.  new friends.  new love.

love it!!

also finished the Vintage Affair today.  after having this book for years!  fab.

would have preferred a bit more @ the end.

but I love a story that ties everything up into an almost perfect bow.

interesting past tense post present tense dialogue.  huh.  must explore more!

so inspired me to keep writing about my Anya and Jillie.

17 to go people!  odd for me this morning.  I wrote my first blog in my morning pages.  that never happens!

guess new things are a-happening!  yeah!!

how was your day??

best part of today:  the hub and I left a $30 tip at breakfast.


31/50: thanks-giving.

btw, fun night for the annual TNBT!

while walking out from work last night, I ran into two work peeps.  we all quickly turned our attention to the pink wispy clouds against a purple and deepening blue sky.

one said, how can we not feel grateful?

I replied, no kidding, and this, sweeping my arm 180 degrees, is free!

so grateful for all that is.

the hub.  friends.  family.  colleagues.  work peeps.  clients.  teachers.  writing.  rest.  play.  connection.  giving.  creating.  learning.   inspiration.  love.  that I get to write for free!

could there be anything more perfect than today?  I can’t think of one.

this morning, the hub and I strolled the doggy across the street @ bartlett park…where the local coyote pack lives.

fingers crossed we would see a coyote, as we crossed Adams Ave.

we had not ventured over to the park in a couple years.


how cool is it that there is a wild park across the street from our condo complex?

right in the middle of HB.  how could we forget this?

perfect.  wild.

there were birds every where.  and a new pond.  a blue heron.  a white heron.  ducks of all variety.  hummingbirds a-plenty!

we could not stop looking left as we walked the trail that ran the perimeter of the park.  expensive homes to our right.  beautiful nature to our left.

I said to my hub, why didn’t you tell me we were coming here, I would have brought my camera!  do you have your camera?

no, no.  that would have been too smart.  came his reply.  ha!

as we made our way outside of the park what did we see, but a coyote standing up above the park on the ridge-line.  yes!

he was watching for something.  and his ears torqued to attention when an SUV drove by.  he tracked the white beast.  and then relaxed when it was at a safe distance.

why was he tracking the vehicle? we wondered.

it wasn’t long until we saw a second coyote trotting down Seabridge lane.  continuing on into the park.  our gaze returned to the ridge-line coyote, who had already seen his mate.  we watched as he silently made his way down the hill to greet his friend.

they were making a track straight for the other.  too bad we couldn’t seem them greet each other in the brush!

so cool!!  how blessed are we?  so grateful that we live in an amazing part of this planet!!

happy Thanksgiving, people!!  I hope you have a plenty-full day!!

for what do you have to be grateful?