it is official.

…I am getting my official game on people!

moving to the next level of where I want to move in life…


feels expansive. and terrifying at the same time…

(that, my friends, is how one tells the difference between intuition and fear – if it ain’t expansive, it’s fear.) ¬†ūüėČ


so here goes my plan…

step 1. sign up for Marie Forleo’s¬†B-School. done!

step 2. send the intention for my end game out to the Universe. ummm, done!

step 3. start doing more of what I am being called to do: help people. write. and blog. speak. ¬†life coach! ¬†career coach! ¬†create. inspire. volunteer at the art center. finish my dang book! travel. ¬†just frickin’ do it, woman! ¬†creative inspiration in the ravaged corporate-world. ¬†ummm yeah..all kinda in progress. ¬†though I had to ask my hub to stop me from signing up for any more classes after B-School. ¬†so I can do more on this plan!

step 4. rebrand my website. and blog.  not yet!

step 5. do and fail at steps 3 and 4 over and over again. ¬†until it sticks. ¬†because that’s the only way it will. ¬†bazinga! ¬†zero here.

step 6. make an awesome Harlem Shake video.  also a big NULL!  for now.

that is all.

so…what is your calling, people! ¬†I know you have one! ¬†(that tiny voice that comes from within, helps provide the guidance.)

share below…puleeeeze!

because…you know you are awesome…and I would love to hear the magnitude of your awesome-sauce!! ¬†go on, do it!




oooph!  how early did it feel waking up today after a long holiday weekend?

even went to bed by 9PM last night to ensure 8 hours of sleep.

but it hurt getting up at 5:16 in the AM today.

my body does NOT like alarms.  whose does?  I would like to know!  I prefer the natural method of waking up.  any tips on this, my ears are dying to know!  do share!

but I dragged myself into my AM daily activities.  I have to get moving right away.  otherwise no moving happens.

did some EFT work in the kitchen while the coffee was brewing and toast toasting.  and began to feel better, bit more alert, some-what more energized.  amazing how well tapping works!

but my new mood was quickly interrupted after returning to my AM writing place. ¬†as I found myself bothered by something someone didn’t say to me. ¬†but then another one did.

whaaaat? ¬†I isolated the feeling down to ‘I felt left out.’ ¬†hellooooo? ¬†I’m the one everyone talks to when they have a problem. ¬†I’m the empathetic ear. ¬†I want to be there! ¬†that’s how I assign value to myself. ¬†so whose business am I in? ¬†by allowing a preference, oversight, or whatever the reason why I was being overlooked…to bother me. ¬†I can’t control when others reach out to me.


oh right. ¬†that last bit. ¬†that’s the rub. it’s fulfilling to me to provide support. ¬†once I identified the source. ¬†bit selfish, eh? ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I did some self-coaching. ¬†and felt better. ¬†so decided to move on.

but unfortunately, the ball had already been set in motion. ¬†and when I found myself rushed to walk away from my laptop to get ready for work…the negative thoughts started to cascade…

and it was all down a treacherous slope from there…not to mention the hub and I were completely off on our getting ready routine. bordering on irritated words being exchanged. ¬†after almost walking smack into each other crossing paths. ¬†clearly the self-coaching and tapping efforts didn’t stick. ¬†I blame the early hour. ¬†ūüėČ

while I was finishing up getting ready, figuring out what to do with the bangs I had screwed up by getting them partially wet in the shower, I said to my hub, “I just want to reset this mood that I’m in, because I know it’s not good and will likely get worse once I get to work. ¬†you know, re-entry and all.”

he replied, “just let it un-happen.”

that caused me to pause.  and consider resetting.  I let that word sink in.  muttering it softly to myself.  testing it out.  genius!

I said, “un-happen, love it. ¬†thanks baby. ¬†thanks baby!”

and do I did.

what do you let un-happen? ¬†I’m curious!


ps. ¬†so much for my breathing and smiling in 2013… ūüėČ


empathy engulfed.

have you ever noticed that when you’re talking to someone, you start to feel exactly what he or she is feeling? ¬†and then are taken aback after the conversation is over to find yourself stuck in a flood of some feeling that doesn’t feel like it belongs to you? ¬†or maybe you have made it yours.

others don’t know that I feel what they’re feeling. ¬†but I know. ¬†and sometimes too late. ¬†I have a gem of a trick to feel everything when I’m focused completely on the person who is sharing their thoughts, troubles, triumphs, or even excitement for what they had for dinner last night. ¬†it does not matter. ¬†if they are feeling something strongly, I feel it too. ¬†fo’shizzle! ¬†we learned about this habit in life coach training; turns out peeps attracted to coaching…play with this kind of engulfing empathy.

sometimes, I am curious how much I’m in my head when this happens. ¬†huh. ¬†will sit on that tonight.

anyway this happens to me.  a lot.

since I know this happens, I have a daily reminder on my bathroom mirror to zip up my disco-ball (diamond encrusted)¬†catsuit. ¬†all the way to my chin. ¬†I require super-power to protect myself from taking on too much. absorbing too much that isn’t mine.

this happened to me at work today.  but I forgot my suit.

I called a customer back who had asked to speak to me directly. never good.

I knew of this customer’s troubles yesterday, and I felt so bad for the guy. ¬†and then he wanted to speak to me. ¬†after not receiving what he wanted from anyone else.

he just wanted me to hear him out after sharing his surprise that I called him. ¬†and so I did and listened to his story from beginning to end. ¬†despite already knowing what went wrong. ¬†my eyes welled up at one point I was so saddened by how sad and baffled¬†he was over this issue. ¬†and it wasn’t even a life or death situation.

as soon as my eyes started stinging, I realized at that point, that I was in his business. and too far by the looks of it, after I stepped into the role of the watcher. ¬†and cleared my throat saying that I would re-read all his emails and figure out what to do about the tremendous lack of empathy everyone else had given him. ¬†once we hung up – I had to leave the building and get outside. ¬†to breathe. ¬†refocus. ¬†and shake it off. ¬†I’m still exhausted by that event from this afternoon.

and then…my eyes dampened on the way home from work tonight while attempting to continue my refocus. ¬†so started thinking about my characters and from whose point of view I’m going to write the book. which I have been tapping around for days now. and then it hit me head on; I could feel Anya drawing me to her when I began to feel what she feels and how all the misery in the world gnaws at here. ¬†no boundaries there. ¬†um. ¬†really?

note to self:

zip it up all the way, honey. ¬†please. ¬†but when writing…might be acceptable to edge the zipper down just a tad.

when have you found yourself muddled up in someone else’s mess?


50/50. what is mind body gallery?

this is it! ¬†50/50. ¬†fifty blog posts in 30 days. ¬†wwhooeee!!! ¬†so proud I actually did it. ¬†and didn’t give up!

so here you go…

you may be wondering, what is up with the mbg or 

I bought the domain name,, in 2010 when I decided to make over my life…along with (for the six word memoirs that I loved to write back then. I have pages of them!) ¬†can’t recall if I still own the latter. ¬†huh. ¬†or ha!

anyway, mind body gallery is the name of my new small business!

now open!

when I told my Grandma about it on Thanksgiving, her eyes twinkled, and she sat up in her chair,¬†tell me how this happened?, she wanted to know. ¬†so cool. ¬†ūüôā

so what is it?

beginning with a Myers-Briggs personality assessment, I help people going through a career transition/crisis identify what it is they are passionate about, make peace as they go through the transition (or crisis!), and provide positive support as new opportunities are brainstormed, explored, and mapped out!

the back of my business card, reads, discover what you were born to do

operations still evolving. ¬†yes. ¬†and I’ll throw in some life coaching here and there. ¬†ūüėČ

but mbg is OPEN for business!

for me, mind body gallery represents a gentle collision of the mind, physical form, and a gallery of inspired creativity and play/work that emerges from the mind-body.

does that make any sense whatsoever?

if not, that’s cool.

knowing what I know now about my Myers-Briggs Personality Type, I totally get that it can be hard for others to read between the lines of what I’m trying to say. ¬†there is a lot going on in my brain that doesn’t get outside often. ¬†hehe.

the hub has gotten quite used to it.  and even enjoys it.  thank God!

website changes a-coming in December/January! ¬†can’t wait!! ¬†stay tuned!


26/50: chocolate cake and Martha/Judi.

crazy dream this morning.

dreamed I was at the 2013 Martha Beck life coaching summit as an observer (since I’m not certified).

invited though (which was good).  but my job was undeniably just to watch others as they were there to complete their final challenge for certification: coach Martha Beck in person.

even though it was Martha, she looked just like Judi (my professor for MBTI training).

each life coach cadet was being video-taped as they coached Martha/Judi.

at first, I’m in the corner of the room, just observing as the cadets shuffle in and out.

finally, one of the cadets calls me over to do some live coaching on me.

I sit down at the formica’d desk. that was really narrow. Martha/Judi is sitting higher than both myself and the cadet attempting to coach me. ¬†on the desk is a round chocolate cake and an audio recorder.

which I found odd, as I knew the whole room was being video’d.

while sitting there, I start fiddling with the audio player and end up accidentally running the cable for the audio player through the round gorgeous chocolate cake which is now topped with yellow roses.

the cable is covered in chocolate frosting.

oh sh*t. what do I do now? I gasp internally.

I know Martha/Judi have seen what I have done, but watching me to see what I will do next.

so I move the audio recorder to my lap, out of the camera’s and Martha’s view.  I guess.

weak attempt to avoid interfering with the cadet coach’s practice.

once on my lap, I discreetly try to wipe the cable off on my sweater.  quite unsuccessfully, but good enough.

and then stealthily return the audio unit to the table.

the woman who was coaching me, concluded that her hunch was that I’m now at a 1.3.  much better than the 1.8 with which I had sat down.

huh??? ¬†no wonder I’m not ready to be certified! ¬†ūüėČ

internally I disagreed, but for Martha’s sake, and the woman’s sake, I nodded my head vigorously.

then I hear voices outside the door, so decide to depart the room and head outside…despite knowing that my behavior would be caught on TV and potentially influence future certification efforts with Martha.

I open the screen door, and outside are three women from my life coach training course! I was so excited – they were excited…and I woke up.

~must deconstruct this dream and figure out what the heck that chocolate cake means!~


15/50: Martha, Martha, Martha

odd how a couple of Marthas have come into my life over the past three years.

both opened doors for me.  and then everything changed.  and I had never met a Martha until 2009.

2009: ¬†my creative writing instructor, Martha Fuller. ¬†(btw, who appears not to be teaching @ UCI anymore…if I’m wrong on that, please, please correct me!)


sort of a writer’s whisperer.

awesome auditory memory.

a life coach and instructor for wannabe writers.

2011:  my life coaching instructor, Martha Beck.


sort of a life whisperer.

amazing auditory memory.

a teacher and writer for wannabe life coaches.


weird how things work out sometimes.



4/50…eeek! this is hard.

kinda like 30 miles hard!

I’m behind already, and I just started!

weekend was a bit rough around the edges, until I watched a video from the AMAZING Gia Duke.

(more on the rough around the edges later.)

sidebar>>>Gia was in my Martha Beck Life Coach training class last year. ¬†she rocks her life. ¬†when I asked a mutual LCT buddy if he had worked with Gia…he replied…”yeah, I just really love her energy.”

check out the video that reset me this weekend!  thanks ms. Gia!!

really made me think.

in the event you can’t watch the video…spoiler alert follows!!

she asks, “what is your no matter what?”


think about it!  I dare ya!

I would love to know what your no matter what is!

what is a must do/be in your life, is the way I phrased it for my hub.

tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine. ¬†ūüėČ