50/50. what is mind body gallery?

this is it!  50/50.  fifty blog posts in 30 days.  wwhooeee!!!  so proud I actually did it.  and didn’t give up!

so here you go…

you may be wondering, what is up with the mbg or mindbodygallery.com? 

I bought the domain name, mindbodygallery.com, in 2010 when I decided to make over my life…along with jennifernightingale.com (for the six word memoirs that I loved to write back then. I have pages of them!)  can’t recall if I still own the latter.  huh.  or ha!

anyway, mind body gallery is the name of my new small business!

now open!

when I told my Grandma about it on Thanksgiving, her eyes twinkled, and she sat up in her chair, tell me how this happened?, she wanted to know.  so cool.  🙂

so what is it?

beginning with a Myers-Briggs personality assessment, I help people going through a career transition/crisis identify what it is they are passionate about, make peace as they go through the transition (or crisis!), and provide positive support as new opportunities are brainstormed, explored, and mapped out!

the back of my business card, reads, discover what you were born to do

operations still evolving.  yes.  and I’ll throw in some life coaching here and there.  😉

but mbg is OPEN for business!

for me, mind body gallery represents a gentle collision of the mind, physical form, and a gallery of inspired creativity and play/work that emerges from the mind-body.

does that make any sense whatsoever?

if not, that’s cool.

knowing what I know now about my Myers-Briggs Personality Type, I totally get that it can be hard for others to read between the lines of what I’m trying to say.  there is a lot going on in my brain that doesn’t get outside often.  hehe.

the hub has gotten quite used to it.  and even enjoys it.  thank God!

website changes a-coming in December/January!  can’t wait!!  stay tuned!